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What do you wear in colder weather?


I've been lucky enough to only run in my tshirt and shorts so far as the weathers been warm but wondered what do people wear when it's cooler?

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Seems early to think about that. I wear capris until it gets colder then move to long running tights. When it's really cold I wear a base layer, woolly hat, buff and gloves. I move to long sleeve tops and have a lightweight running jacket if I need protection from the wind and rain.

Haha - hardest thing is deciding how many layers you need because you know you will end up a sweaty mess regardless of outside temperature!

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Yes it is too early, we definitely haven't had our summer yet ☔️ But when I woke up this morning it was quite chilly and it got me thinking about what to wear. I don't want to be really hot but I guess if I layer up I can always take stuff off and tie it around my waist.

Long sleeve top and lightweight jacket will be on the shopping list ready for Autum. Thanks for replying :)

I migrate into wool running pants and a long sleeved t shirt, then out comes the sweat shirt and thin gloves and if it's raining a water resistang running jacket which is also reflective if dark which most of the time it is dark as I dont go before 6pm, but still am sweaty even in 1 c.

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to rob_mac_65

Thanks, I hadn't even thought about the dark. Will add reflective clothing to my list too.


Runner's rule-of-thumb. Look at the weather forecast to see what temperature it will be in the morning when you run. Then, add 10 degreesC to that number. Dress according to this new number.

So... if the temperature is

20 degrees, dress assuming it will feel like 30. (shorts, vest)

10 degrees, dress assuming it will feel like 20 (shorts, t-shirt)

0 degrees, dress assuming it will feel like 10 (tights, tshirt, jacket, gloves if you need them).

If you feel cold when you leave the house, then you got your clothing correct :-)

Hats/buff/etc are personal items and you'll know to wear them or not. On a cold morning, make certain that you warm up properly before running at training pace.

ShireenjoonGraduate in reply to MarkyD

That's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. Thank you.


I wear a very thin thermal base layer and a thin wind/rain resistant jacket


This post has got me thinking too. At the moment I wear thin t shirt and running tights but also huge amount of body heat. Good advice from MarkyD. I am going to think about something reflective for those winter evenings. I have seen people running in hat and gloves. I'm not sure where to put it all when I warm up. Might have to do a lap back home again to throw everything in the garden!


Not in summer stuff yet ..long sleeve top, light jacket, tracksters and even a hat last time. It was windy and rainy!

You won't catch me in running tights ha ha ha, not a chance.

poppypugGraduate in reply to rob_mac_65

You say that now, Rob......... :-D xxx

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