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First really difficult run - how do you keep going?

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It had to happen. Last night I experienced my first difficult run. I am on W4, r2 and I felt like I had never run before. I knew something was amiss during the warm-up walk when I just felt tired, grumpy and slow. It didn't get any better. I pushed through and did complete all the elements, but boy was it hard. Really horrible in fact. I knew this would be my experience sooner or later, but it was still wretched dragging my sorry bod through the streets feeling exhausted within the first few minutes. How do you keep going on difficult runs?

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Same way you have just done! If you want something enough, you grit your teeth and come through.

Well done - give yourself a couple of days rest and go for the next one. In my experience, if you take it in a relaxed way you’ll be surprised how well it’ll go.

Everyone has the bad ones once in a while but they make you stronger in the long run (!)


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Yeah - exactly what RevRunner said. Some days there’s just no getting away from a ropey run. But the next one - that you naturally then dread - is usually way better and so motivating. Hang in there girl! You got this.

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Well done fighting through!

If it helps, i sometimes think of my body like a kid throwing a tantrum when it doesn't get exactly what it wants, so those hard runs are a teaching opportunity in a way. You're aclimatizing yourself to a new activity, and teaching your body how to react in that situation.

I felt like this with wk 4 run 1. Everything hurt. Keep going you have this! Keep a good pace slowly slowly. Well done for completing it!

Thank you everyone for the advice and support. Apprehensive about r2, but I will keep on keeping on with your wisdom ringing in my ears!

Well done, you did it anyway!!! Be impressed with yourself for getting that far and just doing it. I am meant to be doing this same level run today, but managed to tweak my lower back half an hour ago, so sitting here taking pain killers and feeling useless. Don't let your struggle put you off completely. If the run was genuinely too hard, how about repeating last week so your body and mind can cope? Good luck xx

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