How do you just run through?

So I am really finding it difficult to complete W6R3; I can run for ten mins very happily but just can't seem to make it to 12. But having walked for about 30 seconds I can then happily run for the remainder of the time and more! So today (4th practice run! 😉) I ran ten mins, walked for two and then happily ran 20 mins having switched off the app!!! And I felt like I could have just carried on running (but didn't as wasn't sure it was sensible!). Advice very welcome!!!


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9 Replies

  • You ran for ten minutes, walked for two, then ran for twenty minutes?

    What is your problem?

  • So is the stopping irrelevant then? I just can't seem to do the continuous running that I thought I was supposed to be aiming for!

  • Wow, so you ran for 20 minutes after you finished? There is no way I could do that at the moment and I'm at the same stage as you! It's jealous I am!😛

  • You can run for twenty minutes, you did it in W5R3 and you did it after your official workout. You don't say what made you stop, but it is probably 99% in your head.

    Just try running slower, if you are out of breath after ten minutes and ignore the voice that says I can't do any more, unless you are in pain. You have proved you can run for 30 minutes with only a two minute break, so this is physically well within your ability.

    For most, the first ten minutes of a run is the most difficult, after which the breathing settles and the body knows what to expect.

    Pushing yourself beyond what you have ever done before is par for the course in running. Believing in yourself is crucial. This is a mental battle. You can do it.

  • Maybe you just have a longer than average warm up time? Well done btw

  • Thanks, clearly it's all in my mind and i will just have to figure out how to push on through and what it is that's stopping me.

    I am not out of breath or uncomfortable or anything, I just look at the hills and panic I think!

  • I find uphill very daunting - even walking. And my less-fit, not-yet-running partner is way better uphill walking (and rubbish at downhill, compared to me). I must admit when doing a daunting run (w5r3 looms for me on Saturday), I try to 'smooth the path' as it were - so that will include starting on the flat bit of my walk and then running up and back along it to do the time (with maybe a wee excursion into the hilly bits if I get brave). I am guessing it's different for different people but (I'm hoping) it will work for me on Saturday. Good luck - keep going, pet (my podcast coach Sarah Millican says that). 🤗

  • Do you always do the same route? Do you always get stuck in the same place? Go somewhere different. Or if it's not this, switch the app off and use the 'just to that...' method. tree, lamp post, car, next song - whatever works for you. You do not stop until you've reached the next whatever. Normally by that point you can find something else to set as your next target, and then you're okay. Or do a 'systems check'. Feet - okay? Legs - okay? Hips - okay? Back - okay? Shoulders - okay? Neck - okay? Jaw - okay? Arms - okay? Hands - okay? Lungs and breathing - okay? Belly - okay? If everything is all right, and there are no niggles, tell yourself to wo/man up and carry on :D

    Keep going - you can do this!

  • Yeah, good idea, possibly overreliance on the app!

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