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Sunset Run


I normally run in the morning but today I woke up really late. No problem I thought, we’re going out for Sunday lunch but by 6 I’ll be fine to run . I wasn’t, felt so sick all the way 🤢🤢

I nearly stopped and walked I felt so rubbish, when I got home I found I’d done 35 mins, a bit slower than usual but still 4K.

Just shows even a rubbish run brings a lovely view and turns out to be better than you thought. 😆😆

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Sometimes the runs that start out bad end up being the more satisfying once complete.

Well done on getting out there and doing it anyway! 😸


Worth going just for the beautiful sunset.....


It may feel rubbish but it did you good and you felt great when it was over and were treated to a sunset. Great job.


Hi blackcatgib. I’m a morning runner too. I like to run early before eating. I don’t like these dark mornings though! I’m looking forward to spring and morning daylight. Lovely photo 😄

Gorgeous picture!

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