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I’m Back!! Week 8 run 1 completed!

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After reading all the great advice and feeling rubbish yesterday so could barely put my Christmas decorations. I woke up this morning without coughing and spluttering and decided to run early afternoon today.

I managed the whole run only two little coughs, though slower than usual.

Only one thing, I am used to early morning or when it is dark so felt a little conspicuous wearing luminous yellow, though as mentioned in many posts you are invisible.

Won’t finish by Christmas now but will before 2019! It felt good to be outside, feeling well and running.

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Great comeback run... well done. Of course some countries celebrate Christmas 11 days after us, so just go off their calendar 😂. Enjoy run 2

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PatchpetGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, good idea!

I am now telling myself (yes I have a good chat and I always say the nicest things to myself!) I want to change my lifestyle, becoming fitter and healthier so a graduation run Boxing Day would be a good start!

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I am the same as you, was supposed to finish by Christmas but just not gonna happen now BUT we will be finishing this programme just as thousands of others are making it their New Years resolution to start something like C25K so we will both be starting 2019 on the front foot

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PatchpetGraduate in reply to Zaza0309

You are right.

Though I have already have friends who have started couch to 5k after seeing the difference it has made to me. The world's my oyster ( I know a cliche).

You never know what my challenge next year could be.

Actually running 5k. Or

Running 5k in 30 minutes or

Deciding to go for 10k (OK little ambitious at the moment!)

Now I must stop waffling as I should have been ready and out the door!

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seaspanielGraduate in reply to Patchpet

Patchpet - Ho ho ho . All three.

Running 5k by signing up to parkrun. After about 6 weeks you should hit your 5k 30m target or better if not don't worry its not a race, then as you integrate 3 runs per week into your life one of them gets longer and longer until its 10k. All done by October and then you eye the....half marathon.

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PatchpetGraduate in reply to seaspaniel

I may surprise myself and do that. A colleague has just finished a 10k and has got a great collection of medals. So maybe consolidate and expand. (oh yes just the little thing of graduating first!)

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Welcome back ! 😄

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So glad to be back outside looking forward to tomorrow's run. Especially as it will be dark so I can shuffle to my hearts content!

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