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Another one in the bag


So today it was race 3 of 8 in the Run Forest Run series, it emptied out of the heavens, puddles were ankle deep!! It was better to run through them than try to avoid them!! One big mofo of a hill at the end but it was an easier run than it’s predecessor, roll on two weeks for the Christmas run in Kilbroney, all festive and a wee selection box... not to mention the bling for your efforts at the end👍👍 here’s a wee pic of the medals so far!

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Nice bling! Love how they line up like that 😍🏅

Walshy3 in reply to Equi-geek

I know, that’s what has spurred me on to do all 8, they’re a great but gruelling set of runs, they have one in the summer called sea to sky, you start on the promenade by the sea, here in Newcastle ni and it’s all up hill through the mountains.. I did it once 3 yrs ago and vowed never again, this post run euphoria makes me sign up for all kinds of crazy sh1t.... so watch this space!!!!

Loving your bling Walshy! What a fun series of runs. 👍😀🏃‍♀️🙌

Cheeky ... today I got drenched to my very bones....that is all😩 the feeling has just about returned to my toes,mizzly drizzly rain that goes right through you, but hey another wee bit o bling👍👍

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Walshy3

Worth it I’d say Walshy! We were relatively lucky at parkrun, slightly drizzly, not crazy windy and fairly mild. We’ll take all we can at this time of year! 👍

It’s just pure grey here today, not even 50 shades of it😳😳 on the plus side it was quite mild when you got going and the trench foot symptoms subsided also, the tasty chicken and veg soup at the end was wild tasty as we say in these parts, put the tin lid on it nicely 😁

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Walshy3

Yum, soup! 🍲


What a neat race series! I love how all the bling fits together. Are you doing all 8? You’ll need to build something to display the bling all together... and of course show us 😍

Walshy3 in reply to SaskAlliecat

Yessy, I’m doing all 8 of them and there’s an extra gold one when you finish the last one, plus a commemorative t shirt listing all the events too!!theyre a great series of runs.. even better if our great Northern Ireland weather would occasionally cut us some slack!!!


You’re gonna have more bling than Mr T!

Great job again... keep on loving it.

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