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Rocky Moment


Small achievement last night, went out running with my run group, the group was running up where i live so i know the whole route, after a steady 4 mile run i decided i'd attempt the hill leading up to where i live, I've never managed this hill in the 4 months I've been doing C25K and since graduating, and last night i only went and did it, fair enough i felt sick at the top, but I still managed it, to passers by i probably looked like i was running backward lol

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Well done you!

Yay! Congrats! Hills are hard, I always look for the flattest places to run haha.

Piglet7969Graduate in reply to Sunshineandelephants

i much prefer running on the flat, but my run group does try to do at least one run a week, with hill intervals, that hill has been my nemesis since i started 4 months ago


Well done - it's an amazing feeling when you finally conquer a hill!

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