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A bit low and disappointed

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So I've been gearing up to try out a running group local to where I live. I emailed arranged and got email back to say where they would be. So I went and walked, waited where I thought they would be as the email and no-one turned up. I went in my gear ready to run, put bag of change of clothes and towel for shower after at the gym centre but no-one turned up. So I just walked back home. So now I don't know whether to email again/leave it. I'm not giving up running though so I'll be out there for a run first thing in the morning.

13 Replies
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I'm not surprised that you're disappointed! That's terrible! It would have taken a lot for me to psych myself up to even join a running group, so to go through all that anxiety for nothing is awful. Tell us who they are, and we will send Dozzer and his army round, or the C25K hit squad! I would email them and ask what happened. Good luck, but don't let them knock your confidence :)

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That is a bit bad. I'd be annoyed at that as well. Are there any other clubs in your area that you could look at?

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thinlizzyIwish123Graduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

There's a couple more I could look at. I've emailed the contact I had previously to see what happened, asked whether there was a race on...could be a possibility.

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oh how awful , I'd be gutted, but I cant begin to imagine how Id feel if that had happened to me but don't let it stop you running, maybe find another group as Miles suggested ?

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Thats rubbish. But it may just be a mistake/mix up on location?

I would e-mail again. If it doesn't work this time well......

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What about Parkrun in your area??

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thinlizzyIwish123Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

I may do park runs more often as it's easy for me to get to near me. Not bad idea. :-)

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to thinlizzyIwish123

I am certain you will enjoy them

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:( that would really throw my confidence.

I would email them and see if there was a mix up, but maybe check out other groups.

Check to see if you have a sweatshop running community meet near you or a park run.

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Oh no that's awful I would try and find out what happened and then decide whether to give them another chance or try another club. Please don't let it put you of

Hug on the way

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I'd certainly recommend parkruns! I dithered about joining my nearby one as I thought I'd bring down their 'average speed' or whatever but no such thing. I was amazed to see so many people there of all abilities - 143 of them, and I came in 119th, so not too bad. I don't think I'd want to do it if I was last but admire those who do. It will be my fifth one on Saturday morning (and then I'm doing a 10k charity walk that night!)

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Oh no! Have you been back in touch with them? Parkrun is a fab idea. That's where my son was spotted by a local athletics club and coach. You will soon get to meet people who run for clubs and then be able to decide which club is right for you!

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That must have been so disappointing, do try again either with them or another group. I am doing C25k with my local running club and they have been so lovely and supportive and it has really helped me. Good luck with your running whatever you do :-)

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