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Victory moment

So I've been running now for 8 weeks I gave up smoking and started running ;) and on my first week I walked up huge hill in New Zealand called one tree hill and I thought one day I'm going to run this whole way. anyway last week I did it I could not breathe when I got to the top but a lady came up to me and said well done you ! (As I'm not the smallest woman 96kgs) and I just burst into tears from 8 weeks ago not being able to walk up one flight of stairs with out a massive breathing attack To what I am achieving every day honestly I am so proud of myself for the first time ever !

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From smoker to uphill runner?! You're one special lady, you've every right to be proud of yourself, I'm truly humbled.


Wow, well done you. That's fantastic, you've every right to be proud of yourself :-)


Brilliant! You must be so pleased. What a great step you have taken to improve your fitness!


What an amazing story! You truly have turned your life around! Remember that feeling when a run is tough x


Ha! Well done for knocking down that hill. It's good to have routes/challenges to conquer. Feels so great to see the improvement.

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You should be! Well done.


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