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Run while you can


I turn 62 in January and have been a proverbial couch potato all my life. With low cholesterol, BMI slap band in the middle of fine and BP declared 'impeccable' by my doctor, it never seemed to matter. And then our son started C25K and I decided that if he could do it, I could do it too. I am now at week 8: 4 more sessions to go before the end of the programme and the magical 5K. I can hardly believe that I can actually start running and carry on. I cannot say I actually enjoy it while I do it (rather boring) but on no-run days I find myself looking forward to the comfort of the plod-plod-plod of it all. When I started my aim was to run 5K before I turn 62. Don't think that because we are older we cannot do it. Please can some older runners join in and comment. It really is a case of 'never too old'.

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I’m 49 in December and like you never thought that I would ever be able to run. I have only used the treadmill so far and aim to hit the roads in the spring. I’m at w7 on Monday and at the moment I’m only completing 3k in the time. Good luck on your journey xxx

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Hey Ceri dont say only 3k?! You are running 25 minutes non stop.Thats amazing, most of the population can't do 1 minute. Also treadmill is just as beneficial as outside 😊

Ceri1969Graduate in reply to steviej99

Thank you for reminding me. Good point well made. Xxx


Congratulations on participating in C25K Louisdog, never too old to start. My first week run 1 was 5 weeks before I was 72 and I graduated 🎓 about 3 weeks after my 72nd 🎂 birthday. You have not long now until you graduate🎓, I wish you all the best for your graduation run 🏃

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Well done AlMorr! 🏃‍♂️

Absolutely! Me and hubby only started running in our late 50s. Me first and he got fed up standing around holding the bags so soon joined in. I sneaked in my first marathon before I turned 60 :)


We had an 83 year old graduate last year, so we on this forum are well aware that age is just a number.

Keep running, keep smiling.


The absolute age grading record for parkrun is 179.04%... this means the guy was well under the world record 5k for his age... he turned 101 the day after I believe.

This is the guy

AlMorrGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Just read that article UNM and also his biography on Wikipedia, puts us all to shame 😂

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to AlMorr

1:33 for 10k??? I’ll be happy if I get there in an hour and he’s over twice my age 😂


I started running for the first time at 62, and am now 5 months later pretty comfortable doing at least 5k each run. Never ever thought that would be possible but I feel so much fitter and healthier there is no way I would go back to that couch.

No, never too old!


Hey Louis, I started C25k on my 62nd birthday, 11 weeks ago. w9r1 I ran 5k in 38 minutes. Now "resting" with a foot injury but can't wait to graduate when it's fixed. I'm loving it and hope I can maintain it for future fitness. So yeah your right, never too old and a big up for the +60's first timers 😊


Well done Louisdog, everyone is right, age is just a number. You've set yourself a goal and you've done it! I will be 62 in a couple of months and clinically obese BUT this week completed W6R1 and although I am more tortoise than hare, I have achieved each of the challenges. Like you, I get such a buzz from each run and excited about the next one. I agree that running can be boring but I enjoy the mental focus and the huge satisfaction of completing each run. You go girl.

66 and have run a 9k. Now on plan leading up to 10k. I started running at the end of May. Definitely never too old. Speed might be limited by age, but distance running is much more forgiving. Just a question of building it up slowly. Going from 5 to 10k is much easier than 0 to 5. Just go for it!!😊


You’ An inspiration 🙂 keep going with it. And I feel exact same. Bored when I run but waiting for the next one....


Hey Louisdog! I was also 62, in good health and a normal weight when I started C25K in April. I graduated 9 weeks later and now run three times a week, including regular 5Ks, and a couple of Parkruns. My goal for 2019 is to run the Manchester 10K in May!

I feel fitter than ever and look forward to every run, even though some runs turn out to be more enjoyable than others!!

The most surprising outcome has been my ever expanding wardrobe of running clobber, which has become increasingly fluorescent as the darker mornings have arrived!!

Love it!! ❤️

As you say, run while you can!! And you’re certainly never too old.

Jell6Graduate in reply to Cazza26

Buying running gear is a weird side effect.

The programme should come with a warning 🤣

Bloodhound1 in reply to Jell6

Can’t agree more. Just been out for my first run as a dayglo orange! 🍊 for a previously very overweight 68 year old that is a massive achievement. And I think I looked OK!!!


I started in September and I'm sixty two already.


Snap! I am 71 and ran week 8 run 2 yesterday.I didn't do any running when younger, a real couch potato. I ran/walked a half marathon over 30 years ago but had an accident the week after and my running stopped. I still was apprehensive yesterday when I started my run but it got easier and I sprinted to the end. Tired but felt exhilarated. Will post more later- have to go out to a core exercise class!


I am almost 66, quite healthy and not too overweight (only maybe 3-4kg), anyway I decided one month ago to start running just to change my routine. I finished W1R1 absolutely exhausted, but now I can run 5 min almost relaxing...of course the graduation is still very far and I am scared about the possibility I can’t do it, so all of you are my inspiration😘

Thank you from Italy, where I live (and try to become a runner) and sorry for my poor English!

Demanda1962Graduate in reply to Nottooold

Brava! (Your English is perfect, by the way).

NottoooldGraduate in reply to Demanda1962

Grazie mille!

Jell6Graduate in reply to Nottooold

Great that you have started, and your English is 100 times better than my Italian 🤩

NottoooldGraduate in reply to Jell6

You have just to practice Italian as you practice running😉

RunawaytrainerGraduate in reply to Nottooold

There's a thought. I could mentally rehearse my breakfast time Duolingo Italian while I run. It might interrupt the repetitive music earworms. Picked up a louderhailer last run, Any old metal? Stuck in my head to the end of the run!

Jell6Graduate in reply to Jell6

😊 not a bad idea.

Mercmancouchto5kGraduate in reply to Nottooold

Hi Nottooold, Your English is outstanding as is your country. Whilst visiting there last November on business, I was rushed into the general hospital in Foggia and had four stents in my arteries. The doctors, staff and everyone else were outstanding in all respects. If you are going to have a major heart problem, I think Italy is the best place to be fixed. I am 63 and doing W3R3 today. Best of luck and remain inspired, please.

NottoooldGraduate in reply to Mercmancouchto5k

I am very happy in listening that you had such a great experience with our national health service that, unfortunately, is not homogeneous in the different sectors and regions (usually in the north of Italy the system works perfectly, while in the south is more leopard spotted).

Hi Louisdog. We’re the same age!! Age is but a number. I’m currently on the IC but have graduated (just😂) The only thing that can stop anyone running, if not injured, is our attitude towards it. So yep, never too old. Look forward to your graduation 👍🏻


I'm 66 and graduated this week! Running may feel like fun at the time, but when you have finished there is such a glow! We can do it....Never too old!

thats brilliant. especially you saying you are missing it on non run days. i am just back from doing my grad run and nowhere near the 5k. that will now be the goal before i turn 51 in March


Loads of us on here who are not spring chickens! I started in April and graduated in July just before I turned 57. Hit my heaviest yet at Xmas, lost a stone by Easter and decided I needed to do something to improve my fitness and C25K was perfect. Now doing parkrun most weeks and following ju-ju’s Magic 10 plan with a 10k booked in April and have lost another half stone. Look forward to seeing your graduation post 👍


Thanks for your words of encouragement and honesty about your feelings when running. I have been lurking and reading posts for a while, but as another more mature runner am responding to your post.

I am 55 and I hadn’t run for at least 35 years until I started C25K. Encouraged, properly kitted out and supported by my athletic son on week1 , I have kept going final week4 run tomorrow. Finding it tough and painful at times but exhilarating in moments and love appreciating more of the nature in my doorstep.


Have just completed W7R3 and it was a lot better than W7R2 's experience. My husband, children, daughter and son in law are all runners and I didn't think it was for me. I'm 68 at the beginning of December and decided I need to exercise my heart. Couch25K has been absolutely brilliant, made it all achievable. Keep running.


Well done Louisdog 🏃‍♀️I’m 52 never run before either but couldn’t run the 60seconds without fear I was having a heart attack but now I can run 5k I won’t say easily but I can do it!

Happy to join in. I am 68 with no exercise since I stopped rowing well over 40 years ago. I am now up to W9R1 and have actually done a couple of 40 minute runs already. I feel so much better and my doctor is really impressed. I get past the boredom with talking books as that was also a problem for me as well.

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Oh that’s a good idea talking books 📚 thank you


Hi Louisdog

I am 63, started c25k in May, graduated in July and recently ran 10k alongside regular parkruns. My motivation was to get fitter but also spurred by a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. 6 months later, aided by a change in diet, I have lost over 2 stone and feel much better too! Hopefully I can reverse the diabetes.

Glad you are enjoying running and all the best for your graduation shortly!


Hi louisdog - I too am 62. Started C25K in June, graduated, and now religiously run 5k 3 times a week with a parkrun thrown in now and again for good measure. Not really interested in getting to 10k but realise I do need to up the stakes a bit to get fitter. It’s amazing how I just accept this as the ‘norm’ yet seven months ago I couldn’t run at all. So big pat on the back for us!!!


Hi Louisdog, I'm 72, started in July, had various injuries, and setbacks, but just completed week 6, unfortunately another calf injury, so back on the IC, but determined to finish before Christmas and hopefully a park run!

I am nearly 57 ( so also old 😂) and am also in W8:2, I am thrilled with my progress and that I can do it.


It is good to hear from so many older runners, it's very inspiring. I started C25k aged 63 after a short stay in hospital which resulted in me losing weight. Out of hospital I felt so much better and wanted to try and keep the weight off so started C25k. I am making slow progress as work and childcare commitments mean I can only run once a week now that the daylight hours are shorter. I have suprised myself in now being able to run for 5 minutes.

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