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Week 9 Run 3 completed. Very tired but proud. Thanks to you all

Finished run 3 this morning. Hard slog but kept telling myself to plod on and ignore monkey on my back.

Really proud of what i have achieved but could not have managed without you all.

Looking to do a Park Run next week to celebrate.

I will still linger here as well.

So words of encouragement to all to keep it up. If I can change my mindset t achieve this you can do it too.

Off to work now, see you all later

Chris :-)

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That's brilliant, well done you! I bet you are feeling so pleased. Enjoy your Parkrun next week and your future running. x


Brilliant, Chris! :-) Well done, very well done; graduating must feel great; bet you've not stopped grinning all day! Good luck with the Parkrun next week! :-)


Congratulations and very well done


Well done Chris - it's an amazing feeling isn't it!


Really well done, Chris...Congratulations and enjoy your future running :)


Well done on your graduation - it's your reward for putting in the hard work and you deserve to feel chuffed. Enjoy your success, you've earned it. Good luck with your Parkrun and best wishes.


Hey Chris, well done! It's such a REAL/SURREAL moment to graduate....I'm still pinching myself...


Well done!! Amazing feeling eh? Its a big milestone and testament to all your hard work so wear that badge with pride!

enjoy the Parkrun and keep posting here... We need the grads to keep the others motivated.... :) I know I did!


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