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W6 R3

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I'm 65. Three years ago I was suffering back pain that made it difficult to walk and I started physiotherapy which did eased things but I didn't think that I'd ever take serious physical exercise again.

As a result of a further health scare this summer I decided that I had to make a serious effort to lose weight and get fitter. I began work in September, starting Couch to 5K and doing yoga on the rest days.

I can't quite believe that I ran for 25 minutes today. And I've lost over 20lbs in the same period!

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Fabulous: what an inspiring story x

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Well done! 💪👍😃. Getting more mobile, eating better, losing weight will help your back. Yoga is fab isn’t it. Some tiny yoga movements that can seemingly magically make all the difference to a painful back. Our back muscles need strengthening along with everything else, and taking up getting fitter with Couch to 5k, will certainly help matters

Going nice and steady is the thing though, taking things slowly and carefully. There’s no hurry

Do read the programme notes if you’ve not already done so 😃👍

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Wow, that's amazing! Happy running and keep it up.

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That's amazing, well done! I've just done W6R2 today and am also finding it surreal that I'm actually doing the programme. Haven't lost anywhere near the weight you've lost........maybe it'll drop off me on R3!! 🤞😉

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Wow... you’re smashing both missions! Well done and enjoy week 7

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