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37 mins running


Hey folks I covered 5 km in 37 mins this week pre graduation and taking 3 rest days prior to remembrance run on Sunday,and then go back to 30 mins 3 times a week to consolidate my running......

Kinda the wrong way to do things but to complete run on Sunday is an aim I’ve had , doing it to remember a special little lady

Any advice on starting with gentle jog/walk

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Remembrance is very important, good in you for having that run as a goal.

The run needs to be fun... if you can’t run the distance, work out roughly how long it would be over your endurance and scatter some walk breaks in to make that distance up. Maybe start with a warmup walk too, especially if it’s a busy one.

Congratulations on the 5k... very respectable time. Don’t overdo it now, run a nice gentle one.

Have you now graduated?

Not officially as need to complete week 9 as I say back to 30 mins next week and it should get easier, I find the first 12-15 mins tough and then I settle down and kinda/reluctantly enjoy it ...... I’d say it will be busy so 5 min walk at start should be the way to go

AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Cuig1975

Did you know you’ve already got a graduation badge?

Cuig1975 in reply to AngryFlower

That’s from previous nearly 2 yrs ago and I let my running slide so back at it again

AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Cuig1975

That’s what I was guessing, sorry for digging but it makes total sense now! Good luck for your regraduationin that case!

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