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W5R3 - Couldn't manage the 20 mins


Hi all, after smashing runs 1 and 2 of week 5, I couldn't manage the 20 mins for run 3 on Sunday. I had to do 3, 30-60 second walks.

I think this is probably a problem with my mind rather than physically, as I view this last run of the week as a massive step.

Will try again tonight and let you know how I get on. If I fail again, I may have to consider doing week 5 again from the start.

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You can do this, you have prepared by following the programme!

Take it very slow, there is no need for speed. Pick a flat route, hydrate well, and away you go.

We await your update and know you will smash it! 😃🏃🏼‍♀️😃🏃🏼‍♀️

Start super slowly, think of it as four five minute runs ( joined together) Settle into it and keep going to the end...

Good luck.😊


Slow, slow and slower.. you can do this.. really! You are ready for it.:)

Take the 'f' word out of your head.. ( not allowed on here ) :) and put the.."I can and will do this"..in your head..now..!

Positivity is what it is all about.. go out tonight and squish those pesky mind gremlins with every slow and steady step :) We are right beside you... and I have already done my run this morning! :)

Looking out for your successful post later :) x


A wise woman once said to "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right"!! Go for it x x


Hey, you really can do it!! If you look at my posts you'll see that I landed up doing a practice run (a favourite phrase of Irish-John ) at the W5R3 stage as well. At the second attempt yesterday I managed it and I 100% agree with you about it being a mental thing. I'm looking forward to more mutual encouragement on our joint journey through W6. I'd considered repeating the whole of W5 but changed my mind. Listen to the graduates because they know much better than I do, but for my vote - and from my very recent personal experience - I'd say don't redo the whole week, just get stuck into - and past - W5R3

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to davidhwynn

Yep - if you are comfortable that you achieved W5R2 just work on achieving R3 :)

Progress, not perfection is the name of the game - focus on building up stamina for now. The speed/easy breathing/gazzele-like lope and pace are all secondary to stamina so just take it slow and steady and enjoy what you can do now :)


I had to have a few Practice runs before success runs at a few stages :)

And just yesterday I barely managed a couple of miles before simply giving it a break for the day :)

Some days and some runs just don't go to plan. There's Always the next running day though :)

Slow and steady and keep it fun - not torture :)

Doing my Week 5 Day 2 tonight and already worried about Day 3!

Not sure if i can manage Day 2 nevermind 3 - too old and too fat!!!

sossige in reply to Neil1961

Hi Neil, I found W5R2 easier than W5R1, so you should be fine. I just hope I can conquer R3 tonight, will keep you posted..

Neil1961 in reply to sossige

Thanks - Good Luck!

doubletapGraduate in reply to Neil1961

never too old or fat 55yrs 17.5st haven't jogged /run in 30yrs I completed w5r2 today as well. killed me but did it


Give it another go! I doubt you're the first to have a practice run at this and after I try it on Friday, you won't be the last! :) good luck!

Thanks all for your encouraging words.. I feel mentally ready for it today, I know I wasn't ready in the head on Sunday..

Hopefully will post a positive comment later!!

Thanks again, Ian..


Fffffffffffff. No I can't get the word out!

You'll be fine. Just chill! You can try too hard you know. Stop it! Relax and you'll be fine. Be a bit Zen in fact

Yay! You can do this. Come on!

HI All,

JUST DID IT! Feels amazing.. Thanks for all the support. It definitely was all in the mind!

I think I had a bit more in the tank, but didn't want to push it..

Thanks again!!!

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to sossige

MAGIC!!!!!!! Well done, told you it was in the mind. Now we're into the unknown W6 territory together .....

Sophia26 in reply to sossige

Congratulations! Definitely mind over matter for that run! :) If you believe you can achieve anything

Well done sossige 😄😄


Brilliant !

You smashed it Sossige, Well done ! :-) xxx


OK, as I was told when I suffered through something similar, we never use the f-word on this forum. There's no such thing as *looks around then whispers the word so no one else hears it* failure. There's only practice runs. 20 minutes is a big metal block. I found it helped to think of it as 4 sets of 5 minute runs though, oh and having some good tunes helps too (that's my personal approach) you can and you will do this run, keep at it.

oh good luck, it is a really hard week and you are correct it is all in your mind. Remember take it slow and trust in Laura.

I took it slower that week and it helped with the gremlin a little. it helped me to see it in sections but I know everyone is different. It pushed me towards then end of the run thinking how pleased I would be when it was done and if I'm honest looked forward to sharing it with you all......and I even shouted at myself when I was really struggling that I could do it....because YOU CAN DO THIS :-)

ok, so that will teach me for replying to a post before reading through!

You did it well done, it feels great doesn't it :-)

sossige in reply to LouCollier

It certainly does!

Well done! You must feel brilliant.

I went out this morning in the drizzle to do that exact same run but 8 minutes in I just stopped! Not sure why really. I even apologised to Laura!! I walked home feeling really miserable and about an hour later I felt nothing but regret. 😟

Having read all the replies and your success I'm feeling motivated and ready to get out there on Wednesday - thank you. 20 minutes nonstop running/jogging/heavy panting here I come!!!

Good luck! so many people have said to treat it as a practice run rather than a fail. I totally agree, hope you smash it.

SlowyMcSlowlegsGraduate in reply to sossige

Thank you Sossige, did it! Did the full 20 minutes on the treadmill. I'm almost looking forward to getting outside and proving to myself that I can do it out there too!

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