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60 mins running. Woo hoo!

Week 8 run 3 of Active 5k to 10k is a 60 min run. i was determined to get out on Easter Saturday but missed my usual early morn start & then got caught up in my family's weekend plan. Anyway, I resolved to abstain from any indulgence until I'd done my run so, as soon as it got dark, I headed out for my 1st ever night run! It was a lovely evening for it.

The 1st 20 mins was a bit tough and then I hit a high, breathing normally through nose, not gasping and feeling great?! Excellent! Only when it got to 50 mins did I start clock watching.

Trying a different route & seeing places on foot rather than through the car window is also uplifting.

Frigging Garmin has been on the blink for a while, stops & starts when it pleases which is a bit distracting & upsetting. Teach me not to go cheap & buy refurbished on eBay! Now I'll need to buy again!

Pace still slow, only 4.7 miles, short legs long body, one paced jog to meet the time rather than distance. Will need to build on this.

Week 9 & completion awaits!


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Thats excellent. Well done and happy (2nd) graduation :)


Thats brilliant!well done!

That 1st 20 mins is always the worst for me too! :x :)


Running long is different, isn't it? I experienced my first one on Monday and found it a real buzz. Once I was in to the groove I felt I could run for ever. Well done and here's to many more!


Very well done. 60 minutes is a lot of running. :)


I love the feeling you get when everything just clicks, breathing, heart rate, legs working. It is a real buzz. Sounds like you had a great run, well done!


Well done!! You must be really chuffed.

I would love to get up to 60 mins. That's my next target.


Sounds like you deserve a new Garmin after that Obe! Well done on a great run x :-)


Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding, we have nobility on the forum.....

Good Morning My Leige ! :-)

Well done on your 60 minute run, I take it you did it in full ceremonial dress ?

I bid you a pleasant day, My Lord

Oh and a special mention for the tags, absolutely top drawer, Lord Oberon !

* Curtseys and sweeps out of the room * :-D xxx

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Well done! I'm currently in that post-Week 9 "lost" phase - so am going to alternate versions of Laura's Stepping Stone/Stamina/Speed podcasts.

I'm interested in your progression to 10k. What was the programme you did?




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