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Still running just been a bit busy to post


I’m still loving my post c25k program (5-10K) and am coming up to the last run of week 4. Also loving my weekly gym session with my friend where we work with a trainer. I run at least three times a week and am loving it. My lovely husband bought me a treadmill so I can keep going even if the weather becomes too awful to run outside. On Saturday I’m sneaking in an extra run and doing my second Park Run. It’s a nice flat course which will be great as I’ve had two tough (for me) runs this week. I am so proud of what I achieved in the gym tonight I wanted to share on here not just for me but to motivate others as I can still hardly believe that 13 weeks ago I had never run in my life apart from catching a train 😂.

We had to do a sixteen minute run but starting on the steepest incline of 15% for one minute then 14% for one minute and so on until we reached flat. As it got flatter so our speed was increased too. Had my usual 5 mins in “I can’t do this” which was worse than ever because of the steep incline but I got through it and completed it. I cannot believe I could do this 😊. First time my breathing has really been put under pressure but I recovered during the run as it got flatter. Onwards 🏃‍♀️💪🏻. Good luck everyone running tomorrow.

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15% screw that 😂. Wow... just wow. That’s an intense run. Well done there.

We were opposites... you only ran for trains, I only ran away from them 😂

You’re doing a great job on the road to 10k too... I look forward to your other graduation. Keep on loving it.

Wow HD that sounds brutal, but it sounds like you enjoyed it! Who knows, I might enjoy the treadmill when I eventually get forced in by the weather! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💦💦

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