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Been a while

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Hello guys , its been some time since I posted or even visited here. Since September my excercise has been pathetic to say the least. In december now Ive put on a fair it of weight . Lots of stress with house moving and money issues. Not to mention Christmas and all the hassle that brings. Ive still visited the gym but we are talking once every week or sometimes 2. Just to keep the ticker tocking . I can still keep up with my pace and 20 minute incline runs I began once I finished C25K but man alive im in agony and wheezing like a dead dog during it. My motivation just vanished complety. I just couldnt get myself going anymore and didn't care to either. Well now all my clothes are tighter again haha so i better start moving again before my knees pack in which are showing signs now. Even a sciatic like pain down my left leg even though the DR found nothing wrong (they never do right? ).

Anyway where am I going with this? Its not just a sob story and looking for pity. I know damn well i'll get none of that here so here we go . I've signed up for run every day in January . Oh yes I have. And I intend to try my hardest even if its a ten minute sprint up the street on most days . Don't get me wrong Im intending to carry on my usually plodding at the gym but this January Im going to really try to get back to where I was last summer. Albeit colder.

Good to luck to all others taking part. When and IF I get the Red Tee through the mail it'll all be real.

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It’s easy to lose motivation if you arent exercising much. Running seems to generate its own incentive, so I suspect that your motivation will come back when you are running regularly again. Best thing to do is not be tempted to get into a guilt spiral over it x

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Yeah come on! 👍. Stay on it and some of the issues you list will get sorted 🏃‍♂️🍎🍐🍊🍓🍈🍋🥝🥒🥦🥑🍆🌽🌶🥚🥙🥗🍱🍤🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🥦💪

You have to commit and keep going! 🙂

Hi Rickne, you are a C25k graduate and have proved you are a proper runner, badges don't get taken away😊

Maybe you could check in with the forum a bit more, you may have useful advice for new members and could post details of how your runs went to help with motivation and to help those just starting out.

Remember the mantra of this forum 'slow and steady', maybe you are pushing yourself a bit too hard to make up for managing less runs. Better to run slower for longer and enjoy it rather than finish a wreck... Running should be something you look forward to doing without pressure or guilt.

Keeping up with running in the winter is hard, but just keep it ticking over as we know spring is coming and conditions will be easier.

As for running everyday, its not something that we advise on here. Your leg muscles repair and strengthen on your rest day and not taking at least one days rest between runs as a new runner could leave you open to injury and not be able to run at all for a while. I understand that it takes years before its safe to run everyday and is quite a strict training regime.

Why not take a look at the Bridge to 10k site if you fancy a new challenge. There is a new 6 week program on there which is fun to do and could give you a new focus. Here is the link..

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on. We run together on here😊xx

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It's great that you are back, and with a plan! Do make sure you don't overdo it and put yourself on the IC through a sense of guilt and having to make up for lost time. Just ease back into it if you can.

I agree that the Bridge to 10k plans are good for post C25k but you might first want to get yourself back to the level you were at when you graduated. I bet it won't take long but better safe than sorry (not trying to rain on your parade about running every day in January though - but if you do choose to do this, be careful not to push yourself too hard).

If you are struggling with motivation, then keep posting on here - you will find lots of help and support which really can have a positive impact.

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RickneGraduate in reply to HeleneCorsa

good advice. I did think about C25K again . However I dont think i could go back to day dot. maybe at the 20 minute section. I can still do 20 min incline runs on the treadmill .

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I thank you all for your words. I think Helene has the right idea ..for me personally. Half the reason it works so well is the structure of C25K. It got me motivated and kept me there. Without a plan I was left to my own will power and quite frankly mine isnt strong enough on its own haha.

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one more things for certain. When pay day comes im buying new gear. Its a pain keeping my one pair of shorts and 2 cycles shorts clean :P

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Rickne

Great plan Rickne...invest in yourself 😊. Good luck building back up to those 30 min runs...x

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Keep at it and you’ll do great :)

When I started this program I was at it every week with other exercise in between and felt so good 😊

I lost somewhat motivation too when I had to rest for weeks, seeing Physio the get leg back to normal and now I started to continue with this program and it felt great to be back on it :)

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6 months since i last posted!!!! Where the heck did that time go? :O

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Well done and good on you to come back. I’ve read about the run every day in Jan and you can do a brisk walk etc just as long as you exercise. This may work better for you as you haven’t been running for a while and everyday could give your legs a nasty shock!! Good luck and keep us posted 👍🏻

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First... Big Hug :) That fooled you didn't it? Next.. I am not sure that run every day is the way to go ..blimey!!!

Bluebirdrunner makes some good, start slow and build up gently.. lots of other exercise, on a rest day, not necessarily at the gym, or maybe a regime for you done every day. Core strength and stamina exercises to get you going again.. then some consolidation of 30 minute runs..gently and easily.. different routes maybe?

Get back to where you were... you clearly want to and we will make sure you do :)

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Mate, you can't run every day, none of us can. If you are a trained 19 year old mega fit pro, then fair play, but you shouldn't play with fire.

I had similar thoughts and pushed myself harder even though my regular 5K was and is around 30min and below and I've always been slim (dad's genes), now into my 50s.

If you push yourself every day, your muscles won't have time to rest and repair. In plain English, you will get hurt in a bad way and will likely to be off running for months. Like l did, idiotically. Twice.

What I did when l came back to my senses, l repeated the entire program with new shoes and gait analysis and haven't looked back, injury free, running three times every week regardless of weather or times.

The keys is to take it slow and sensible and resist an urge for macho sprints as there is nothing 'macho' in having your knee grotesquely inflated.

Slow will defo make you stronger, more resilient and better prepared for longer distances. My 15K run this morning was effort free and apart from being cold for the first couple of keys, a very enjoyable sprint-free and healthy workout.

All the very best & keep us posted!

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If as Ju-Ju said, you can go for a brisk walk on alternate days, that could be a great solution for completing the January plan if you feel that's the best way to motivate yourself, then maybe try Bridge to 10k afterwards? I agree that starting where it feels right is best rather than going back to square one which could leave you feeling deflated.

Enjoy getting your new gear too, that's always motivating. I too really should give my one pair of running leggings a break before they decide to fall apart one day!

Best of luck, whatever you decide to do.

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