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Feeling my old self W8 R1


I haven't run since 2005 and thought I would give Couch to 5k a go as I liked the look of the structure and graduated runs. First dark run last night so wasn't particularly looking forward to it but I got that feeling of confidence in the second half of the run that I haven't experienced for 13 years. I felt strong, my breathing was comfortable and I really started to push the pace. In fact I felt disappointed at 28 mins when Jo told me to slow down. 2 weeks ago I struggled with 20 mins. I'm looking foward now to the bridge to 10k.

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Well done...keep it steady... remember to always finish with that feeling that you could do more...it is a great feeling...:)

IanP62 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I certainly got that euphoric feeling last night. I last felt like this after I ran the Boston Marathon in 2005 (aged 43) in a pb of 3:08. Two weeks later I got an overuse injury that basically stopped me running. I'm gonna be careful this time around 😁

OldflossAdministrator in reply to IanP62

Taking it gently pays off...as I get older, I am even more aware of it... none running related injuries have meant time spent on the IC.. and slow starts getting back on track. This running teaches us to be very patient :)

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