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W8 R1


Having potentially never believe I would get this far, I actually now thing I can complete the rest of the runs. I completed W7 R3 on Friday but then headed off to the parents for the weekend so yesterday was my first chance to have a stab at the first run of W8. The weather was a bit chilly and a strong wind was blowing but I was able to keep going a a fairly steady pace to the end. I will however need to be finding a new parking place for the car as I am doing a few mini detours to try and eat up time/distance simply to try and get back to the car at the end of the run.

I now have one or two people start noticing the difference that the running is making to me and even asking about how it works which is fab. R2 tomorrow and must say I feel ready for the next 28 mins and even looking forward to it. :-)

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It' say great feeling to know that can make it. Well done on getting this far and when you look back you'll just continue to be more and more pleasantly surprised with yourself. Good luck with the rest of the course!


Well done deviate66, you are doing brilliantly - keep it up!


Awesome stuff dude! I feel like that and I'm only on week 2!

Glad to hear you've kept it up, can't wait to be in that situation myself!


Err, I am not going to mention the tags on this post , ha ha snort, snigger , sorry , cant help myself :-)

Very well done to you , all guns blazing :-) Graduation week next week ! :-) xxx

LordOberonGraduate in reply to poppypug

Never stopped you before, PoppyPug, but ... Ha! Ha! Ha! Chortle! "Running the Runs" is truly asking for it! :-)

poppypugGraduate in reply to LordOberon

Ha ha , oh I must try to stop it , I cant help myself :-)

Right , " Serious Face " Oh dear , ha ha ha :-) xxx


Titter ye not folks!


Well done Dev! We all knew you could do it. We told you didn't we. We believed in you and the programme. It's delivered, so did you! So, well-deserved pat on the back for you matey.

So, not long now then. Go steady, no false moves and you'll be good to go with these last few runs.

Break out the bunting !!!!!

Well done! I love reading posts like yours- they are so motivating and inspring. While it is lovely to hear about fabulous marathon runs and ultra marathons etc....I just want to read ordinarily people saying , " I doubted myself, but I did it!" and feel the pride and satisfaction oozing out of the words :) What an achievement....... graduation next week- superb , beth x


Way to go ;o) Only 5 more runs before you graduate. The finishing line is in sight ;o)


It feels scary to be only 5 more runs to graduate well done and I'm at the same stage as you x


Well done. Sounds as if it's going really well. Great that you are spreading the word.

Well done deviate66! We started at the same time, but you're surging ahead of me, I'll get there too but am happy to be doing it whatever time it takes. It's great to read your enthusiasm and that you're noticing real changes after only a few short months. Looking forward to seing your graduate badge soon!

deviate66 in reply to Camperfan

I don't think I would use the word surging..lol :-) Quite frankly I am surprised I haven't tripped over yet (still time). I do feel that week 4 and 5 were the main ones for me as once I had cracked these and started getting into the longer bursts the stamina held me through week 6 etc. I also went to great lengths not to try and run too fast. I think that is actually the biggest and best advice. Far better to complete a run (albeit slowly) than run yourself out to exhaustion with time still to go. I also used pretty much the same route so was able to pace myself against landmarks (gateposts, road junctions etc).

Still yet to complete the challenge of course, but getting this far gives me hope of completing it and maintaining all the efforts.

As Laura say's 'You're doing great'..!


Well done on getting this far and contrarilly to what Paul says, it is not the finishing line but the starting line which is in sight!

When you graduate, as I have no doubt you will, the whole running world will open for you. Have you had any thought yet of what you would like to aim for post graduation?

Enjoy your running

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