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W6r3 tough going but did it!


I was bleary-eyed, so much so that I left my water bottle at home (never done that before!). I found the first 10 mins running the hardest, I didn’t think I could go on I was so tired but somehow managed to complete the full 25 mins running (I’ve read posts on here people referring to the gremlins which must have been what was going on in my head??). According to Sarah I’m a runner now?! 😂. I’m relieved that the next 3 runs are same length so hopefully I can get used to running for 25 mins before the increases. Amazed I have got this far!

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I did that this morning

Took it really slow n steady

Nearly fell over twice 😬😬😬

I think not picking feet up enough

Ps enjoy w7

We're not far off now 9 more runs 😁😁😁✔️✔️🏃🏃


Yes, you’re certainly a runner now... well done getting through the toxic 10 and completing that run.


You've cracked it now.....nice and steady for the next few runs. Remember that feeling you had and how you got through it......if that feeling occurs again just remember, you've been there before and got through it.....and felt gr8 for doing it I bet.

Good luck! ☺

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