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Just completed run 1 week 2. Not so bad. No effort with breathing or muscles fatiguing. Bit of sweat and elevated heart rate was all. Just very paranoid about pulling or popping something in my knees. Have a weird muscle tension in my right foot instep that elicits itself as super tight muscles when I flex my foot inward. Doesn’t affect my running. I did stretches before W3R1 and I had no twinges or pain in my knees this time.

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Hi Beejees, as you will hear all the time on here, take things easy, for most people joining this programme running regularly is a very new thing for their body. We start to feel all sorts of things when we ask the body to suddenly start doing something it forgot about a long time ago! Your doing great, the warm up, cool down and rest days are equally as important as the runs, to ensure that you stay injury free.

I have just one more run to complete before graduating, it felt like a long way off back at week 3,but it had passed so quickly and happily. Best of luck for your coming runs! 👍

Hi Beejees, I’m mid 50’s and had never run properly before starting the programme back in June.

From your description of your foot discomfort it sounds just like what I had when I started out. It was never officially diagnosed, but all my symptoms pointed to plantar fasciitis, albeit mild, as I was able to continue running. It can be caused by inappropriate footwear so it might be an idea to check that and maybe get a gait analysis.

Also don’t skimp on warming up, try to run on as even a surface as possible and of course embrace your inner snail! 🐌 And observe your rest days.

I’m not really a nag, really!! Above all, enjoy your running. 😀😀


Good job so far. Keep it slow and steady, and maybe try some extra exercises on the feet. Sounds like the knee is starting to strengthen. Enjoy the next one.


Just go slow and steady, gently flex the feet and toes and stretch after running..

Well done! A very good start to the program!

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