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Oh dear!

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I graduated with my wk9 run 3, at the Kingsbury Water parkrun 5k, 2 weeks ago. I was over the moon! Ran it in 40 minutes and was happy to have achieved the couch25k. Anyone who is thinking about it, do it, the volunteers are fab and everyone was really supportive. All good! Then I had a week of parents evenings and went on holiday. I packed my running gear, wore my trainers, envisaged myself running along the beachside path in the early morning sun and being one of the women who look happy eating only fruit and salad at the all inclusive buffet with a smug, self satisfied look on their face- after all, I’m a runner now. HA! The non visualising side of my brain has other ideas, ✅ the done box and had no intention of me running ever again. I did manage one 2k plod along the seafront before coming to a very unfriendly hill. So today, 6 days after my last run, I set off round the field and managed one circuit- 1.6k running. I am determined not to have to do the whole couch to 5k again so I will be out again at the weekend and will run further- aiming for 2.5k. This has turned into a bit of a rant- hope no-one minds, I’m going to do another park run before Christmas to make sure I keep going.

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I've just graduated and this is exactly what I'm afraid of, that big ✔️ box!

But hopefully you're back and you have got out again and have plans for the weekend too so that's good. Why not post on here about how your weekend run goes? 🙂Good luck

haha I too have those visions of myself :)

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I find I need a goal to keep me motivated, so plan that parkrun, set a date and best of luck. You know you can do this!

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