W6R2 and an earworm

Finished W6R2, and it was quite uneventful. It's those damn gremlins that are the problem. They came back today - first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes. They really make the run that much harder. But I even managed to speed up for short bits of time in the 2nd 10 minute run, which kept me going to the end. My brain is weird, I need to speed up when my legs get tired otherwise it thinks it's ok to slow down to walking speed. Luckily speeding up even with tired legs doesn't affect my breathing.

I was horrified to find myself singing in my head yesterday (and today) "coz I got both feet on the ground, my head is spinning round and round"...make it stop! That is a terrible, terrible song. Please tell me I never have to listen to it again after week 6?

I'm very apprehensive about the 25 minute run. My confident attitude from week 5 is wavering. I did the 20 minutes without trouble (and without being worried beforehand), so why am I so worried about 25?


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  • You have made it 6 weeks with Laura's music? I think that deserves an endurance medal of its own. And Kelly Marie? Are you able to keep yourself from doing the 'Pew Pew' noise of the syndrum after the next line?

    If you did the 20 mins without trouble you will do the 25 mins without trouble. It's difficult to keep having faith in the programme, I remember all too well, because each successive achievement seems something you couldn't have imagined only a few weeks/days before. But it has worked this far and it will work to the end. You are doing brilliantly.

  • I did the whole Couch to 5K with Laura's music...

    Does that make me really old and really sad... ?

  • Listening to W1 of Laura's music made me feel extremely sad. I bailed before it had any noticable ageing effect on me, so I can't comment there, but possibly.

    Indeed now I think about it, my hair is a noticably whiter shade of pale (*see what I did there?) than it was before I started running, and I have just been attributing this to the stress of my children and, y'know, actually being old, but it could quite well have been that week of exposure to Laura's ersatz Clodplay and other grisly aural equivalents of waterboarding.

  • No-one who completes C25K can be described as sad.

    Anyway, I did all the music (I rather liked Week 1... which is just as well.. I had to listen to it A Lot). And I did Strength and Flexibility - interesting though that the music did seem more irritating for that.

    I think I might do something similar to you Shivani05 - at any rate I tend to run faster up slopes to get it over with.

    There are some really 'special''treats' awaiting you aurally!

  • I've heard so much about Julie. Just a few more runs until I can "meet" her :)

  • Lol Laura's music is certainly questionable, but my personal running playlist is too fast. At least with the podcast I know the songs are at the correct tempo for the run or walk. I can soldier on, not much longer to go!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm actually looking forward to running without walking breaks...hopefully my head will clear tomorrow and I'll be ready to tackle run 3 on Monday!

  • You can and will do this...focus now and not next..

    Look how far you have come and brilliantly!

    It just follows on and you will get there..looking forward to your next post!

  • Thank you for the encouragement. One day at a time, I guess.

  • I felt the same way about W6R3, very apprehensive, but it was ok.

    You've done the hard work, now it's time to believe in yourself because you can do it πŸ˜€


  • Thanks Bob :)

  • Oh just you wait. Later songs will make you WISH you were in week 6.

  • I've heard much about dear Julie. At least I'm closer to the end of the programme than the beginning! :)

  • Laura's music is all part of the C25K experience :) Julie is ofcourse the pinacle of this.

  • Yeah. I'm kinda glad I'm doing the podcast to get the whole experience. It's when the music finds its way into my head when I'm NOT running is when I'm not happy.

  • There is worse ahead but you will be ready for it :)

  • The running will be fine though

  • Hahaha thank you for the clarification! :)

  • Well done on your progress. I think what you need is a mantra to remove the gremlins. It needs to be your choice of words, keep it simple, shout able and repeatable easily. I have two:

    Push that body punish that body ( for speed work)

    I am a powerful and strong Panther ( for everything else)

    These have always worked for me, and when I shout them it's even better. Have fun with it too xxx

  • Thanks juicyju. I did great in week 5, because before every run I thought to myself "I'm going to run x minutes today", not "how will I run x minutes today". I wasn't worried about the 20 minute run at all because of that. Not sure what's happened to me this week. But I love the panther mantra, might try that one out myself. Although silently, since I run at the gym :)

  • I made a podcast of my own (for all the weeks - saddo) with my own music and all of Laura's comments at the right time in the run. Took flippin ages but it must have helped somewhat.

    Now I like running bare (without music)

  • That seems like considerable effort! Not sure I have the patience for it :) I'm on week 7 already, so I might as well try to just deal with it. It's part of the experience too.

  • I don't blame you, took me ages and I only got to listen to each podcast once or twice at most Shivani05. Much effort for little result

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