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W6r2 complete


Evidently I woke up on a better side of the bed this morning as I didn’t swear at Michael today...he is still not quite forgiven for putting me through my paces but we had a civil run today. I may credit it to an extra hour in bed or the double hit on the snooze button. But I also think I had a bit of a break through after the last run.

Lesson learned: there is a voice of encouragement inside my head and it’s quiet but it is kind. I did ‘hear’ it on the last run it said “you can do this and you already are”. I don’t know about anyone else but I am not the kindest person to myself. In fact I’m pretty critical and judgemental. So finding that voice or rather finding those positive thoughts actually gave me new focus today.

I ran, I sang and I completed 😀

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Great job on this! Well done

It’s good that you’re finding your voice to encourage yourself. It’s something completely new to me too but we’re all learning :)

I think given that you’ve done W5R3, it’s easier to tell yourself there’s no reason why you won’t be able to complete the program now.

First time are always the hardest!


Hey jiggles, well done for finding your inner positive voice & what can be achieved by listening to it! As for this being unkind & critical to yourself.... Why??? Assessing your accomplishments to see how something can be improved is something that should be limited, to ensure it's a positive thing. And always be kind to yourself, by 'leading by example' everyone else will hopefully your suit. Have a great day 🌞🌞


Great effort & nice to hear you've almost made up with Michael! 🤣 No you're not alone, I beat myself up too about a lot of things, but just usually need to beat myself up about beating myself up and try to reflect a bit. Onwards & upwards, no more intermissions now, best of luck for R3!! 🤞


Well done.! This one does feel like a struggle.

Happy running!


What a lovely post. Sometimes that critical voice can be very loud but I'm so glad the kind one was there. Maybe the kind one will start getting louder? Well done :-D

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