In to the woods...first 7k!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€

In to the woods...first 7k!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€

So happy to have completed my first 7k run this morning! For some reason I always find I run better in the afternoon than the mornings, but off I went anyway. Lovely and mild this morning and plenty of dog walkers out and about, although I only saw one other runner, which is quite rare. It didn't always feel easy, but didn't someone once say that nothing worth having was easy to get? Kicked a few gremlins to the kerb and plodded on regardless and am now feeling mighty chuffed that a 10k in the spring is very much on the cards.

Hope everyone has had good runs this weekend and that those on the ic will be back out there soon.πŸ˜€

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  • Wow, well done. I ran 4 secs above my pb for my 5k this morning- 37:49- getting ever closer to 36:00!

  • Nothing like a lovely long run on a winters morning. Well done :)

  • Now THAT looks like a good running route! I'd love to run in woods with pathways through. Congrats on the 7 K .. great achievement.

  • I do have some lovely routes to run, some are quite muddy at the moment but this part is beautiful!

  • Congratulations on your achievement. I'm on Wk 3 Day 3 moving to 5K. A 7K to me seems sooooo far away. Wishing you all the best for your 10K.

  • Thank you. You'll be surprised at how the distance increases - it comes round quicker than you think.πŸ˜€

  • Oooh well done Sandra! I reckon once you get to 7K, you can see 10K within your reach, so you'll be there well before spring methinks! Those trails look like mine, loads of mud at the minute!

  • Thank you! Yes, this is one of the drier ones!

  • Looks wonderful... gives me something to aspire too:)

  • Lovely! Perfect running territory. My idea of heaven. So, we get some muddy bits now and then - or if not a bit more - but it's fun if you have the right gear on. Brings out the big kid in us. It's good for our happy genes as well as our fitness. It helps your running on the road too as it's generally harder work, so when you do get back on the road you notice the difference

  • My idea of heaven too - I am seriously thinking of a head torch for the odd night run - I'm thinking feeling like a fox....that sort of thing. Bit wierd???!!

  • Thats excellent sandra wel done that girl!😊

  • Well done Sandra, that 10k is definitely within your reach !

    That looks such a beautiful place to run, can you tell us where it is and we will all come down :-) Ha ha

  • Ha ha! It is beautiful poppy! I am in Surrey, surrounded by the beautiful Surrey hills.

  • Well done sandra - you are well on your way to that 10k now :-) What a lovely looking trail to run on as well - lovely soft ground !

  • Than you! Actually beginning to believe there is a 10k in me! I have some love running routes around here. For this 7k I would say about half of it is on concrete and half off road, nearly all of it v quiet. Running is definately about me finding my happy place so I am lucky to gave some beautiful runs.:-)

  • hi sandra

    wot a lovely picture!! woodland trail looks ideal for running!!


  • Thank you - how could anyone not love running through that!!

  • agreed I love running off road!!


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