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Some people think it's all is now !!!

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Another beautiful morning on Dover seafront and to make it even better I did my final week 9 run.....and that's it !! I am officially a graduate and a runner!!!

Amazed with myself. I would never have thought this was possible having done no serious exercise or activity for 25+ years but this programme is fantastic and it works. A big thank you to C25K for getting me through, and to people on the site for their comments advice and inspirational stories. I registered for Park run last night so that will motivate me to carry on and who knows where I will end up.

Off to Budapest on Friday to visit my son......may even take the running shoes!!

Happy running everybody

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Well done 👍 many congratulations 😃👍🙂🍰🏅☕️

Parkrun is lovely. You’ll have a great time

Deffo take your shoes to Hungary. Your son might even run with you 😃👍

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Congratulations... enjoy celebrating, Budapest and your next running adventure

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Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Congratulations, it's a great feeling isn't it!

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Mrd2001Graduate in reply to Jinty55

Yes, feels really good especially as I also reached my Club 10 target at Sliming World tonight ( lost 2 stone so far )...havent felt so good in years!! Long may it continue

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Well done! Health is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Keep up with the regular running and the benefits will keep you going for years to come.

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Mrd2001Graduate in reply to Jundal

Thanks for that, very true what you say about the gift that keeps on giving I haven't felt so good and positive in years.

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Awesome. Bet you feel fab. 2 more to go. I'm trying to find my mojo for todays run right now.

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Mrd2001Graduate in reply to SOULY47

Yes feel absolutely fab ..and you sound like you are close to the finish line as well........just one run to go? Good luck with that and see you on the podium shortly. Enjoy that final run its a nice feeling!!

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