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Well, having injured my knee during my week 3 run 1 yesterday looks like I'll never get the GRADUATE badge. I've had torn cartilages in both knees operated on in the past, a GP has told me today that it's very likely I've torn my left cartilage again and that I should NOT run as exercise. I am beyond gutted having found something that was so invigorating after nearly 48 years of not exercising, enjoying it hugely and feeling amazing. I have really appreciated the support everyone has given on here over the short time I've been running and will definitely continue reading about everyones' progress on the couch to 5k with much envy!

Good Luck to all of you.

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Very sorry to hear that. Perhaps you could do a similar program with swimming?


Oh, avrili, I am so very sorry. How terribly disappointing for you.



I never ever thought I'd be so upset and disappointed at not being able to run :-( Once the pains settled I'm going to see what low impact sport I can do to keep the momentum going. I believe cycling is low impact, while my husbands continuing on the programme maybe when I can, I'll cycle with him when he runs, I don't know. The endorphins that running had stimulated over the last 2 + weeks have taken a rapid dip. Good Luck Greenlegs, I'll be watching for you getting your GRADUATE badge! Avril.


Another blogger, Flart, is using the x-trainer for C25K. As that is a low impact form of exercise would it be any good for you? Good luck with whatever alternative low impact sport you decide to go for.


Thanks PeaBea, I'll see what's recommended when the pain has settled.


I'd suggest consulting someone with more sport medicine/orthopaedic expertise than a GP before giving up something you enjoy forever (obviously you are not going to be out there running tomorrow) The answer may still be the same, in which case hearty commiserations, or it may be rather more nuanced. What did the GP say about walking?

I run in minimalist footwear which, ironically, seems to be less of a strain (I briefly had some more 'normal' running shoes and what a mess that was), and I never run on roads.


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