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Should I sign the guest book?


Hello friends! I am so glad to be back!!!! For those who don’t know me, I started in May with the goal of being fit enough to keep up with our twenty-something kids while in vacation in Ireland this September (we live in Pennsylvania, US). I made it to week 8, and life intervened.

The great news is that I kept my hard-won fitness and we had a blast in our trip. Tromped all around Dublin and Galway, climbed stairs and the Cliffs of Moher with the youngsters, and even ran (snail-like) down the length of the train station in Galway, much to my family’s amazement. Success!! I did a little victory dance and puffed up my chest a bit at that accomplishment. 😁 However, re-entry to regular life, jet lag, work craziness, and an ear/sinus infection have all slowed me down the last three weeks.

I’m thrilled to report that tomorrow (Monday) is my re-commitment day and I am back on the program. I’m going to take our mentors’ advice, and embrace my inner snail. I’m not sure which week to start with - any suggestions??

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Hi and welcome back to this fabulous community! You still sound pretty fit, but if you fancied some intervals before resuming the longer runs of W8 again, maybe start from W6? But you could be fine seeing what happens if you resume where you left off though - just take it slow. 🐌

Whatever you decide, hope you enjoy your return to running, and here’s to you completing your journey! 👍👏😀💪


No need to sign the guest book CC! We know who you are!! 🤩🤩🤩! Can you hear us cheer?!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 So glad you’ve had such an amazing time in Dublin. 😍

It’s brilliant that you’ve been staying on track in your own way. Week 8 is so close to the end! I’d be tempted to try Wk 5 and then judge where you might go from there. This is only because W5 was so impactful for me. I feel that week provided that amazing feeling that will declare the mission well and truly back on track!! 💪🏽 I imagine you can get a good feel for how much you had left in the tank and jump up to wherever you like from there too!

We’ll be cheering you on too of course!! 😁😁👏🏽👏🏽😍


Welcome back. Great to hear that you achieved your first running goal of being fit for your trip, and wonderful to see you back here ready to close this out. I’d just take a slow and steady jog and time it, then assess what week I was on from that.

Hey! Welcome back! Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way doesn't it.... Sometimes its like work, kids and general house stuff all conspire to stop you! lol.

Anyway, you're back and that's the main thing, after your hiatus if you haven't been running regularly I would start with week 5..... you'll know at R3 if that was a good idea. 20 minutes is a long time if you haven't been running regularly. But if not, walk a little and repeat.... The only way is up!

Get out there and show us how its done! 😍

Welcome back!

I would set out to do a 20m run and if that is a struggle i would do an interval in between. I don't remember which run has the 2x10m but i think you can do 20m easily if you mesmerize your ...inner snail to be prudent!

Good luck and always happy running!

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