I am still here...just:)

I haven’t posted for a while

But I am still right here.

It’s just that life has had some blips,

And things are not as clear.

My daughter has got rounder

And my words, they have got less.

Too many thoughts of the babe to be,

Preoccupy, I guess.

My runs? Well three times every week,

I maybe slow, but steady,

The 10 K, still there, waits for me,

And when it comes I’m ready!

My friends, I follow where I can,

Those old and all those new.

If I forget to post replies,

I do not forget you.

So…with just a little bit of luck

My rambles will return…

For those who do not know me yet,

Don’t worry, you will learn:)

Just watch this space,

The words will come…

There’s no way I will fail


This running, well, it guarantees

The return of the Old Grey Snail :)

Sorry I have neglected my friends on here...just had a few tricky moments with LMTB ( Little mum to be) All settling now.. so back to the Oldfloss soon :) I hope x


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59 Replies

  • :)

  • :) Right back at youx

  • Lovely. I thought 'how rude!' when I read 'my daughter has got rounder' but then you saved it by mentioned the pregnancy :-).

    Keep it up Oldfloss, you are one of the greats.

  • Thanks you... tough going for a while..but things are settling nowx

  • Glad things are looking up ☺

  • They are... thank you x

  • Ah Floss, I have been a little concerned. GLad to hear things are settling down for you. Take care sweetie x

  • Thank you.... I think I am really tough..but, when it comes to it... maybe not as tough as i thought...but... all seems on an even keel now and I am staying strong!

    Thanks Ullyx

  • We miss you but we understand. Take care of you and yours. Rfc xxx.

  • Thank you... I am trying.. just slow and steady...like the running c

  • Aw floss I'm sorry your life has had some blips. I hope it settles down quickly for you and you can get back to your knitting for the little one 😊 I think of you often on my runs and am sending you lots of virtual hugs xxx

  • I thought I felt tired... you run faster than me...Thank you..it means a lot to know you are ooting for us xxx


    I wish I could knit!!!

  • Oldfloss, we miss you around here, but being there for your LMTB has got to have priority. We understand. And thank you for letting us know that things seem to be going well with her and the baby. Hugs!

  • Thanks youx

    Yes.. settling now and not long to go....:) Thank you for the hug... I need them right now..i am giving all mine awayx

  • Have another hug from me x

  • Thank you..just got it... lovelyx

  • Sending you and your loved ones a hug. (x)

  • Thanks Jan.... it means a lot to me... don't feel quite so feeble x

  • Thanks Jan... it makes me feel less feeble to know you are thinking of mex

  • Glad things are turning round for you Floss. You definitely need broad shoulders as a parent.

  • You really, really do..:) And a face that stays strong, whatever... Thank youx

  • It is nice to read your upbeat post. Off to bed now, running tomorrow, going a bit slower than Monday, slowly slowly catch the monkey.

  • Thanks Cathy... I have been out already..it is very pleasant out there.. a quick 5 K for me.. Art class this morning x

  • Missing your posts and hoping all will soon be well, Oldfloss. Take care☺ x

  • As Arnold S said.. "Ill be back.."just done a quick 5K... feeling ready for today now!

    Thank youx

  • I do hope all is well with LMTB Floss. I've been thinking about you and your impending grannyhood.

    We look forward to your triumphant return. We'll try to behave in the meantime 😆

  • No... don't behave.. that is boring! :) Thank you.. all seems to be on a steadier course now and not too long to go! x

  • Congratulations on future grandparenthood. Sounds exciting. I'm also still slow but I am not competing with anyone

  • Thank you.... the only person I am competing is with me... and I am very slow...:)

  • Big hugs flossy! (((()))) we miss you, all the best to your family xxx

  • Thanks sweetie... we know we have to get through stuff don't we? xxxx Thanks for the hugx

  • Yes, we miss you, but real life has to come first, then running second (is that the right way round?) You're still getting your runs in, you'll come back to us when things settle down xx

  • Thank you.. yes.. i love my running..but I love my family morexxx

    Just been for a very quick, for me, 5K...I am feeling much better and ready for the day! Art class this morning... I should be really relaxed by lunchtime :)

  • Sending love floss, looking forward to that post of new baby arrival:) x

  • Thank you x I am, so excited... it is not too long now... cannot wait to meet a future c25K-er!!!

  • Lovely to know your still around. Keep running and looking after your family

  • Will do... thank youxxxxxxx

  • Grandparenting-the right to worry about two generations instead of one. Your daughter's so lucky to have a mum like you. Sending you big squishy hugs xx

  • Love that thought...so true! Thank you so much xxxx

  • Glad all is well now 😊

  • On the countdown now xx

  • Lovely, and so good to hear from you 😀 Hugs and take care all of you x

  • Thanks youxxxx

  • Oh Floss, I am so sorry, I thought I had already replied to you and I hadn't, forgive me xxx

    You are always here for us, now we are here for you .

    Have a massive hug (( ))) in fact, no have loads ((( ))) ((( ))) ((( ))) ((( ))) ((( )))

    I hope things are better for all of you soon, our lovely lady xxx

  • Thank you PP... no worries... I thought you might still be out running.. practicing for your big event to come!!! :) You have so many of us to support and you are always there for ALL of us xxx

    It is all settling now, hopefully... the love and support from all the friends on here has given me a massive boost... feeling stronger again and ready for the next few weeks :)

    Thanks for the hugs... I shall sleep well tonight... feeling very much cared for x

  • That's because you are and very much so .

    Sleep well Floss, sweet dreams xxx

  • It seems you have been off grid too - looking forward to more posts from you soon and hope things are still settling down with your family. Happy running and all is well. Xx

  • Thank you... not long now and seemingly on a more even keel xxx Just thank goodness for the friends here and of course...my running!

  • Good to have you back :-)

  • Thank you... feeling a bit more like it now! Stronger and calmerx

  • Hello Oldfloss! Lovely to read a post from you again. I have been off too (I have no such valid excuse as a pregnant daughter - just work stresses!), so I didn't realise you'd been gone, but yours was the first profile I checked tonight on my venture back to the forum! Internal: "Oh good! Oldfloss is still posting! Phew."

    I totally agree with the line "If I forget to post replies, I do not forget you." So many friends on here. I must weedle my way back to posting and engaging more frequently again, I am sure it will help with my rekindling of the running bug!

    Sarah x

  • Thank you sweetie... I missed your posts too... I am back on an even keel I think... we don't forget those friends we have made... lovely to have you back x

  • I have been off here for a while too, life throwing a few traumas around and not run for a month, but yours was the first profile I checked today on my venture back! Hope things continue to be on the up and I look forward to your posts again 😀

  • I wondered where you were🙂 Life has this habit of throwing us...Hope things are settlingx

    I am on a more even keel...thank you..

    Are you still running?

  • I went out on Sunday and did 15 minutes in the lovely sunshine. Things are getting better, trying to concentrate on life's positives 🙂

  • That's the way...but it isn't always easy..you hang in there..take it steady...keep in touchx

  • Oldfloss I missed this and only just found it. And being incredibly selfish I don't want to miss out on an Old floss hug! Sending love and strength and hugs and all the wonderful stuff I can muster, for you and the round one and the round ones mini-me. Glad to see the rambling and the running are still on point :) xxxxxx

  • No worries.. you were having a holiday... I had been neglecting folk terribly...

  • plus..... I sent that before I had finished (sorry )...Things have been all up and down..more of an even keel now,thank goodness!

    I am running still...it is a god-send! Thank you for the hugs and love x

    The support has been wonderful...and really gave me a massive boost. I cannot believe how kind folk are, to this silly old snailxxx ;)

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