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An amazing change


I am not a great one for posting on this site but have taken a lot from reading the support this community gives to people seeking to make a change in their lives. 9 weeks ago I looked at the programme and thought there was no way I could run for 30 minutes...this week I did it and tomorrow I will complete W9 R3....the programme isn’t easy and there have been plenty of times at around 20 mins when I could have thrown in the towel...but by the end of w7 I knew I could do it and that it was now a matter of willpower. I feel physically and mentally so much better, my weight is heading in the right direction and most amazingly I rather enjoy running now. Fantastic app, fantastic people.

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Have fun on the virtual podium tomorrow Bobalot. You’ve had a fantastic journey thus far, get ready for the next. Have a fab run Sunday👍🏻

That is fantastic well done you should be really proud of yourself 😁 I’m currently on wk 7 run 2 and now running for 25 mins which I find amazing seeing as I found running for 1 min at the start a struggle I’m loving it ! Makes me feel so good when I run .

Bobalot in reply to Silvester6

Week 7 was the one for me...once I had managed 25 mins I knew I could get to 30. It is a great feeling each time I complete a run...just knowing I have achieved something I never believed I could...although my wife might be getting a little tired of my enthusiasm! Good luck with the next 2 weeks


Great post... taking it steadily and making the journey.. and after Graduation :) It goes on.. well done you!


Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.


Great job you’ve done there too... yeah it’s hard work, but the time where it also becomes fun (differs for everyone) is truly magical. What was impossible a few weeks ago is now just a run. You’re next of course is just a special run... love every second of it, you earned it.

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