Couch to 5K

Amazing !

Hi all have been compelled to post to encourage anybody 'thinking' about it to 'do' it! . I had not run for over 30 years and have had a hip issue since childhood . I thought I could not run BUT decided to give the c25k a try in early September. I followed the programme to the nth degree , learnt how to run got fit and am now doing an 8k loop 3 times a week . Can't recommend highly enough 😃✌️

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That's fantastic!


Great story. Happy running.


Great post and I totally agree that C25k is definately the way to get you running, whether for the first time, after time out for injury, or returning to a distant memory of running (like it was for me too!) Good luck☺


hi - thanks for your post - thats cheered me up - I'm a newbie, just finished W1R3 and looking forward to starting W2R1 on monday - but i honestly find it really hard to imagine that at 56 and having NEVER ran before, that i will EVER be able to run even 5k three times a week! it all sounds like a dream at the moment. especially with just doing wee 60 second runs at the moment etc - 5k without stopping seems the impossible - however, you have said i can do it so i choose to believe you! - haha.

i'll keep posting my runs and eventually look foward to the day when "I'm" able to post encouragement to other newbies saying "if i can do it - anyone can!"

thanks again

Kaz x


Hi Macjogger, the transition is amazing isn't it! When I was a teenager I was a decent club runner and then I started to make poor life choices and most things that were good for me were replaced by bad. I hadn't run in 20 years until 14 weeks ago (hadn't done much of anything really apart from fags and booze) and on my first run I was out of puff and gave up after 2 minutes. However, something told me I had to persevere. I will never be as good as I once was or could have been but I am committed to it, and getting some amazing rewards. Today I broke my 5k PB at 28:36 and I am not ashamed to say that I feel proud, really proud. This has become a personal journey for me and I am loving it!

Kazdoc, I thought it impossible too, but I promise you that you can do it. Just got ta keep up with the effort.


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