My 5th C25K Runniversary

5 years ago today I put on some trainers I happened to have, wriggled into the ForthBridgeBra, slung on some old trakkie bottoms and a scruffy t-shirt, stuck my MP3 player and my house key down my bra, and pressed 'play' on Week 1, Day 1 of the NHS Couch to 5k programme. I didn't quite complete all the runs, but I managed enough to think that I could perhaps do this if I tried again.

Yesterday I completed the Brighton 10k. I quite enjoyed it. It wasn't a particularly special run, although the bling was nice, but what was best about it was that I was there with I don't know how many other friends, all of whom I have met through this programme.

I think I probably posted last year about the health benefits, the difference in strength of character, determination and blah blah blah. You'll know all about that for yourselves. I never expected the friendships that have resulted from this running, or the distances I've traveled to meet up with people (or, let's be honest, for a bit of metal on a ribbon). But the friendship was exemplified at Brighton where people supported each other round the course, perhaps running at a slightly slower pace than they could have achieved on their own, but it was more important for them to stay with their C25K buddy. The supporters were fantastic too, cheering everyone on, making sure that everyone was accounted for, and for those broken by Brighton, making sure that everyone was looked after.

All this from running. I went out for a very quick run today - only 1.5k, because I had been sitting in the car for 6 hours, and my daughter had kindly put tea in the oven, and my legs knew that I'd run yesterday, but I was determined to run on my runniversary. So whatever stage you're at, whether you've been running for a long time or whether you're sitting there looking at this programme and wondering if you're too unfit/overweight/busy/brave enough, get some trainers on and give it a go. You never know where it will take you. You can do this. Happy running :)


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  • Congrats on your Runniversary! Five years!!!!! It flies doesn't it! Here's to the next un. Cheers!

    I saw all the Brighton runs on Garmin just now. Crikey, so many folks off here taking part. Brought a tear to my eye. Sniff

    Well done on that one by the way!

  • Thank you! I know - I had to check quite carefully to make sure it was five years :D

    The number of Beyond C25Kers at Brighton was amazing. I didn't count them all but there must have been over 20? Fab!

  • Great post. Congrats on your Runniversary from a newcomer. Onwards to the next 5 ;) x

  • Thank you! It will feel like the merest blink of an eye before you are posting your second, third, fourth, fifth runniversary posts... and I shall look forward to reading them :) x

  • Brilliant run and terrific post Annie! Happy Runniversary xx

  • Thanks, Jacs :) I'm glad it was a special weekend :) xx

  • Aw our lovely Anniemurph ! 5 years , Blimey, times go so fast !

    You were here when I joined . I have always loved your posts , your warmth and your kindness . You are such a fab lady !

    Many Congratulations to you and a Massive Well done on your 10k . Here's to many more , Cheers ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks, Pops! Ee, it were grand! Come to think of it though, there was no cake. Why was there no cake? There was super food afterwards, but I failed to provide cake at the end of the run. Hmph.

    Aww, thank you for your kind words *blushes* It's hard to be anything other than nice with all these fab people on here - kindness breeds kindness. Although I might make an exception for Nagging Nancy :D

    May we all have many happy runs, long or short, fast, slow or slower - just in good company and good health :) xxx

  • Love that....good company and good health. Perfect :)

  • It's as good as it gets, Floss, isn't it? :)

  • ForthBridgeBra? Cantilever or suspension? πŸ˜„ Wish I had one!

  • A very well-engineered construction that must have taken many clever people a lot of time to design :D

  • Ha, ha ha!, or they just like the thought of us having to have a work out just to get the thing on and done up before you get out the door! πŸ˜‚


  • I've always considered it as part of my strength and flexibility training :D x

  • Happy 5th runniversary Anniemurph...and that Brighton 10k on Sunday sounded like great fun with so many c25kers taking part.😊

    Many more happy runs to you.xx

  • Thank you very much, Jan! The run was great, but the company was better :) xx

  • Congratulations! 5 years - that's a long time! Is there anyone still active on here who has been running longer? Or are you our "oldest" veteran! I hope I'm still running in 5 years timeπŸƒπŸ‹πŸ»

  • There are probably some lurkers and some who disappear for long periods who may or may not have been running during those times, for whatever reason there's me. And me! (5th runniversary at the beginning of Feb... I didn't do anything as sociable as running in a 10K event... although it was Anniemurph who helped me get my first 10k)

  • No, you did all the work - I just ate ice cream with you at the end :)

  • Thanks, JCS! No, I'm sure there are people who started before I did, although quite a lot of us started in 2012, I think. Look at GoogleMe below :) , she started earlier.

    You will still be running in 5 years' time... and 10 years' time... and... :D Happy running!

  • Happy 5th Runniversary to you!

    One on my inspirational friends.. there for me from when I joined the forum family, with advice, support and friendship, given in generous helpings. Thank you.

    What an amazing journey..from "scruffy t-shirt" to sensational ten K!

    Many, many more happy runs to you x

  • Happy 5th runniversary. Brighton sounds like it was a lot of fun and, I agree, running on THE date has got to be done even if a mere 1.5k (just over a mile sounds much more!). Here's to the next 5.

  • Thanks, Polly! Brighton was great, even if my real runniversary run was more of a shuffle :D May we all go running into the future for a long, long time :)

  • Lovely Anniemurph, my goodness how the time slips by, think I'm about 4 years......just goes to show, slow and steady wins the race....πŸ˜„

    Happy runiversary! πŸ€—


  • Thanks, Madge! Yep, we just keep plodding on and suddenly there's another runniversary :) Let's hope we all have many more x

  • Great post! Congratulations on your runniversary and Brighton race. 5 years - inspiration to all those starting out and beginners like me. Folk on this forum are BRILLIANT!

  • Thank you! This forum is the greatest :) When I first started, folk encouraged me and this is the result!

  • It's great that you are still here providing support, as you were when I joked this forum, almost four years ago.

    Keep running, keep smiling,

  • I'm not sure if I smile when I run: photographic evidence would seem to indicate a strange gurning instead, but the intent is there :D

    This forum has always provided me with wonderful support, and I hope I can reciprocate in some small way. Happy running to you too :)

  • Congratulations - sounds like a great day had by all. You do get around Annie.

  • Thanks, AR - it was a great day (other than the marathon ward of Beyonders in the local hospital :( )

  • Big congratulations on your runniversary Annie, five years!!! You're the godmother of the forum πŸ™‚

    Well done on the Brighton run too. How fab to run with so many other C25K'ers. Was there bling? And where's the photo? 😏

    Here's to your running future and I hope you'll still be here with your brilliant posts and offering great support in another five years xxx

  • Thanks, IP! Five years, I know - I feel old now! I hope we're all still around on here long into the future :)

    Yes, there was bling but of course I can't post it here in a comment, can I? :( There must have been about 25 C25Kers altogether - possibly more? It was a great day although far too hot for the poor marathoners. My phone said it was 22C when we were supporting them after our run. There were people dropping like flies and ambulances and cycle paramedics whizzing everywhere.

    This forum and all the friends I've made through running - the best! xxx

  • That is hot, no wonder some folks ended up in a dire state.

  • Happy runnervesary to you. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ°. I read some of the reports from the Brighton run. It was tough weather conditions. Well done for getting round. I agree, I love going to the Winter Run even if I'm not running. I stand there looking Into To thousands of faces and then see the smiles as I see somone I know, all from running. It's great.

  • Thanks, Rfc! Brutal Brighton, it was :( The 10k was fine, but later for the marathon it was just too hot. Supporting was good fun though!

  • Belated Happy Runniversary Anniemurph. Well done you!

  • Thanks, Anne :)

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