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Week 2 run 2


4 days late after some sad news and for the first time in 18 months I really didn't feel like exercising at all. It's the first time this has happened but I got through this mental vlock I had created and got it done. On the back of a leg weights workout aswell. And not just amy legs workout a kris gethin dtp leg day (google it) you will see why I am very very proud of tonights run.

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I think doing it when you don't want to is the biggest battle, so well done for doing it 😊😊


Well done on doing your run especially after your sad news. Hope you feel better soon❤️Virtual hug for you.

Well done, it can be tough getting over the mental blocks, but you did it, and after a challenging leg work out. :-)


Those guys doing that leg work... total nutters! This is a compliment of course, I embrace my crazy and use it to run, they do that!

Great job on the run. You’re doing really well on the programme.

Sorry to hear you had sad news, taking a few days off there is not only understandable, it’s probably better for your running.

Take care today and enjoy your next run.

Haha you saw the video then. Its a 8 week program and am at the end of it week 6 so essentially doing 2 workout plans at once. Im an iron addict at heart.

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