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W5R2 - so happy I did it!


Well I was dreading this run. I thought there is no way I can keep going for 8 mins a time. But it wasn't too bad. The walk in between was very welcome though. My legs were aching so am wondering how on earth I will keep my legs going for 20 mins. Happy about this run, nervous about the next one. Eeeeek.

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Great job.

That 20 isn’t anywhere near as bad as it looks... slow slow slow and believe... you can do it.

Lol, “happy about this run, nervous about the next” that describes all of my C25K journey so far!


Well done! Don't worry! You are well prepared! Just go very slow ;)


It seems like a big leap, but somehow it's not. I cant explain it really! Approach it positively and you'll get through it. I'm really impressed with the C25K schedule ... it pushes and challenges but builds you up in preparation. W5 and W6 were my favourites (so far... W9 next week will have some positives too) ... Enjoy!!

Hoping to do my w5r3 this afternoon. 20 mins seems so long but hey let's see. The 8 mins surprised me !!

i am moving on to week 5 so its great to hear your thoughts on it. good luck with the rest of the plan

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