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I need help and encourage

Hi. I graduated 3 years ago, did the Race for Life in just over 30 Mins, followed by a couple of park runs. Then I injured my knee.

I tried a couple of times to get back into running but could not get past week 4.

This is my 3rd attempt and I started with week 3 which I didn't find too difficult.

However, now I am back to that dreaded week 4! I struggled with run 1 and will repeat that tomorrow. But if I am struggling with running for 5 mins how am I supposed to cope with 8 and then 10 mins.

I know I did it before but I cannot remember how I motivated myself to get through this.

Any advice please?

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Welcome back.

Is the knee ok?

I just had a quick look for clues in your old posts... did you plan that Race for Life during the plan? You seem to have done it very soon after graduation... maybe that was a goal that helped you to drive yourself on?

So now you’re doing a programme that you’ve conquered once... you know that you can do it. Do we have the opposite of a mental block here... do you go a bit too fast?


Hi. Thank you for your reply.

My knee still aches. The physio said that it is arthritis but that I can run if it is 5k max.

I think that you are right and that I need to slow down a little. I am running on a treadmill so I will go slower on my run tomorrow.

I really appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

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If you haven't run regularly for three years then I would recommend that you start at W1R1. Yes, you can do it easily, but it will slowly build your stamina back up, which you obviously need to do if you are struggling.

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it is full of tips.

Enjoy your journey.


Thank you so much, that's very helpful. I have forgotten how supportive everyone is on this forum and I am really grateful for your advice.

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Slowly but surely, listen to Laura on the app, she is a great motivator


Slow it is then. I will see how I am doing tonight. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your advice,


After such a long break, why not start from the beginning and if week 4 is unmanageable a again, repeat week 3. Then repeat w4r1 until you're ready for run 2. I'm having to do something similar, it's frustrating but anything is better than nothing.


Thank you for your encouragement. I will try to do W4R1 again tonight but much slower. Also you are right. I should not try to beat myself up because I am not progressing as fast as I thought I should. I should treat this as a new beginning and see where it takes me. Thanks for your support.


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