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I did it. I can’t quite believe it but I did it. The second three mi ute run nearly killed me but I shouted to myself to keep going and I did. I even speeded up on the walking too. I simply can’t believe that just two weeks ago I could hardly was struggling to walk for any length of time.

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Feels good, doesn't it? :) Well done.

It certainly does - although I'm still aching and it was four hours ago!

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Great stuff... let the belief grow... you’ve amazed yourself, keep going and do it some more.

Thank you UNM GRADUATE!!!!!

Well done Pickles!! I also ran this run today too!! Sounds like you had more success than me, I got a bad stitch during the first minute and a half run... :-( Hopefully Friday's run will be better

My knee was twinging when I started the initial walk, but was fine when I started running - its just the rest of me that was falling apart! It's been a long time since I've done anything as difficult, challenging or rewarding.

Go you I’m on the last run of week 3 - nearly had a heart attack in the first run of week 3!🤣🤣

That makes me feel better - I mean that in a nice way obviously!

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I found run 2 a bit easier. Probably because I kept very slow for run 1.

You're doing great! 😸

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Fingers crossed I do too 🤞

Well done 🏃‍♀️

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Thankyou 😊

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