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W7R2 nice run

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Thanks to the supportive and encouraging advice on here I've successfully completed another 25 minute run this morning. I went for a 6K walk after school drop off for our now becoming regular weekly walk with a friend too. It's really making my legs stronger.

My friends are teasing me with a 10k run next year... reckon I should be able to run 5k and walk the rest. The 11K I did this morning took me 1hr40m so looks possible. So excited about how far I've come, it's mind blowing.

I've seen lots of new runner posts these last few days. Keep going, I could barely run a metre when I started. You can do it.

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Another great run... and 11k covered on foot before 10:30? That’s amazing. Just 7 to go to graduation. Then plenty of time to get ready for that 10k run.

Thank you. Housework to do now and admin so slowing down a bit. Trying to hit 20k steps day during the week 😁

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Well done to you. After your done come to mine and clean please :-)

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Rooster678 in reply to SOULY47

Haha, doubt I'll get through the mountain of housework I have but will keep you in mind. Well done on your run today 😁

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Absolutely fab!!! Go you!!!

I'm in awe of 20k steps a day, 11k walks is some serious steppage!!!

Near the end now!!

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