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Week one - in the bag - very daunted about week two 😕


Hi, I’ve just completed week 1 and couldn’t believe how easy it felt on day 3, but feeling very daunted about week 2. I’m doing this all on a treadmill as I live in such a hilly area and I hate running on concrete, it doesn’t do my back any good and I know I’ll just lose my focus and the hills will put me off. I have a love of food which is my downfall, I’m hoping that I notice a difference after completely this journey and will encourage me to eat a healthier balanced diet. I know what I’ve got to do, just got to put it in place 🤞

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You've done the hard bit. Take your time and take your rest days. I could barely run a bath 3 weeks ago and just completed week 4. I'm not going to lie it's been tough but a lot of it is in your head. I push myself really hard because I hate quitting. Your brain will come up with lots reasons why you shouldn't do it but resist these and you will be ok.

You can do this

If I can do it anyone can

Good luck


Well done for starting and completing week 1. You'll be fine in week 2. It's a progression and in the early weeks, if you follow the instructions and keep it steady (so that you can still talk while running) then you will breeze through it. If you use a fitness tracker, it will tell you how many calories you burn on your runs – which I found helpful in cutting out 'empty calories' and unhealthy snacks.


Way to go... week one is tough. Week 2 is within your capabilities now... the runs may be longer, but there’s less of them... I found counting them off from a lower number really helped.

Well done. It does get easier and don’t be afraid to repeat a run if you need. I did 2 weeks of week 3 before moving on I also run on a treadmill try running on gradient of 1 as I’ve been told it simulates outside running and remember to start with a light jog. X


Reasons not to fear week 2:

1. It only involves nine minutes of running and you have already shown you can do eight.

2. Your legs and your willpower have had the benefit of the three week 1 runs. That’s a physical and mental resource you didn’t have a week ago.


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

I really enjoy food too, but I don't eat more than is good for me.

Enjoy your journey.

You can do it. Go at your own pace. Before I started this a month ago I dreaded the thought of running but completed w4r2 yesterday and loving the sense of achievement each week brings.

Oddly I found wk2 better than wk1. I can see my breathing and recovery between runs improving already as I progress through each week (thanks to Laura's advice too!). At the age of 55 I now have more confidence and believe that I can actually do this and look forward to each run. Keep going!

You’ve done the hardest part by simply starting. I’m on the dreadmill too cause of the hills and also a bit of foodie and I never believed I would complete week 7 ... but I just have! Have faith in the plan cause it really does work and keep it slow... you can do it x

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