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Feeling amazing after that run. Completed W3R1 following a heavy day yesterday celebrating (hard) my best friends graduation which involved copious amounts of food and drink, a few cigarettes and 17 hours in heels. So with a bit of a fuzzy head I set off and the fuzz was gone by the end of the warm up walk. I was worried about the 3 minute run but I felt like I honestly could have done it again.

Looking forward to Tuesday! And now I need a nap!! :-D :-D

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Amazing. That’s probably just about the worst run prep you could possibly do... and you still beat it! Obviously life sometimes means unavoidable partying, so the prep was never gonna be good. Very very well done.

Hattie27Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I know!! Everything was saying no but I did it and I'm so glad!!

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Hattie27

Ps thank youuu :-)


Wow that’s good - I don’t think I felt like doing any of the week 3 runs twice in one day so it must’ve been a really good run for you!!! I’ve had one like that where everything beforehand said it should’ve been a rubbish run but it ended up going perfectly. Good job 👏 👏👏👏

Hattie27Graduate in reply to Hidden

I felt soo good for doing it and just being outside in general. Thank you:-)

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