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Is my body in shock...? 😲

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Today i went out determined to do 5k. I am getting psyched for THE run on sunday! I have had such AMAZING feedback on my worries, support for my 'dare' and many tips on how to tackle this new challenge!

T H A N K Y O U A L L S O M U C H !

Ok so i went out there, on a similar route to the race. I even did a few inclines (which i am dreading). And the results are better then expected (by me- you all thought i can do it! 😍)

Well i did!!! I hit 5k in 40 mins!!!!!!!!!! Very excited! Unbelievable...

The thing is, that was over an hour ago and i am now feeling a bit cold with a weird tummy. Like stomach upset.

Has anyone had that? Cos i'm thinking that maybe my body is saying:" alright enough with this!! WT¿ are you doing to me woman?!" 😁😂🤣⁉️

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Good run. Has the stomach started since the run? Any issues during? Have you eaten yet?

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Mayanow in reply to UnfitNoMore

No problem at all during. The feeling started about an hour afterwards. i haven't eaten yet. Had lots and lots of water as always but that's it.

Do you think because of the extra calories burnt i should make some changes?

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Mayanow

It’s not that many calories burned... but your body may be asking for something. Protein maybe? Could be wrong but if it’s come on well into the rest period it could help.

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Mayanow in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ok i will go eat a little something. It's a bit early for dinner. Thank you!

There you go! We told you you could do it didn’t we?! 😅 Very very well done indeed! And what a fabulous time. 👏👏👏 You’ll smash your race - there you were, all worried about the 50 minutes! 😀

Brilliant. You’re a total star! 🌟 🏃‍♀️😀

Yes you did cheeky!!! 40 mins is amazing for me! I honestly did not think i could fit the 5k in 50mins!

Let's hope i can repeat that on sunday!!!! (I'm still thinking i did it slightly by chance..! - got to give myself a break!!!)

I don't know if that's what you felt, but I was really queasy after running in the first two weeks. Dr Google said that it was frequent for runners after a particularly big effort, that the body diverts blood flow from the organs which are not essential to running (like stomach and intestines) to the essential ones (like lungs and muscles), which is causing that discomfort.

That is very very helpful! Thank you for this. I didnt think to google it but it makes sense the way you explain it.

It could well be... i did make an extra effort today, 10 more mins plus a little uphill which i have tried to skip all this time

Thank you!!

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