Another new Graduate

Throughout the C25k I have been determined. An unusual kind of determination that hasn't always been welcome.

I hardly know how this journey began. Or how I stumble upon couch to 5k. Probably a news article or a rambling search led me to it. But one thing I do know is, I have stuck with it. Through early mornings, ice, wind and driving rain. Through doubt, pain and self consciousness to belief and euphoria. I was determined.

Last night I completed my graduation run. It was hard. This week illness has dogged our household and I didn't get away with it Scott free. Still, I went out to finish what I had begun. Sadly, on the warm down walk home I was left just a little flat. I was disappointed. .

It was done, I expected cheers and pats in the back. I wanted elation and punches in the air. But then I thought about what couch to 5k really means to me.

C25k has just started me on a journey. It is a catalyst to a new way of living my life. Without it I would be a lump on the sofa instead I am in tune with my body, awake to the possibilities of a healthier lifestyle.

So what now? I am determined to carry on. To keep running. I'll try 5k+. Might even have a go with B210k in the not too distant future.

I would also like to thank the whole community. Without you lot my focus could easily have wandered. I know that some people think that all the virtual patting of backs is a bit cheesy. Sometimes it is. But so what? It has got me through a hell of a lot.

Once again I bow my head and doff my cap to you all!


Tricia. C25k graduate :) and runner


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43 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement, Tricia - congratulations on your graduation! You are indeed a runner :)

  • Thank you Annie! Its a great feeling. I know I am a runner. Its strange but I think i need to do a park run or something similar and run with some other people to really feel 100%.

  • Tricia. Well done for completing the course and starting on the next stage of, as you say, a new way of living your life. Well done for your determination and grit. To do this programme through the darkest, dankest and coldest part of the year is even more of an achievement.

    That's fantastic news - and here comes the cheering and the pat on the back - WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

    I shall look forward to seeing your posts about maybe running a 5K race (parkruns are good), or seeing you take up the challenge of the 2013 B210K. ;-).

    V xx

  • Thanks Viv, I needed that! I'm actually worrying about the warmer months and how my beetroot head is going to deal with it. ;) Definitely will be doing the B210k after consolidating the 5k. Thanks for your support.

    Tricia x

  • A very big WELL DONE. An amazing achievement. It feels really good doesnt it! Look forward to your lovely shiny green graduate badge. :)

  • Thanks Magster! It will feel very nice to have that shiny badge next to my name. :))

  • Hi Tricia, well done on graduating. Wonderful read too, it came from the heart. C25K is not easy for those who have never run before, its not easy when you already have a busy lifestyle and family to see too. You've come a long way and still have many more miles ahead of you. Enjoy the challenges thats the most important thing, that you enjoy it, stay injury free by listening to your body, if you need to rest up do so. All the very best to you and don't forget to send John (JR21) a message to get your Graduate badge its been well earned. :)

  • Thanks Oldgirl for your sound advice and best wishes. I think your body really does talk to you when you run regularly. I have sent John a message so hopefully get that badge soon! Tricia x

  • Fantastic Tricia!! A great achievement and a lovely heartfelt blog :) Welcome to the Grad Club!! :D

    I agree with Viv that it's not easy at this time of the year to keep on going but you did and you finished! Wooo hoooo!!!

    Whatever you decide to do next just keep at it and enjoy! Congratulations :)

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue, it's so good to be part of the club! Tricia xx

  • Congratulations, from zero to 30 minutes is such an achievement, looking forward to seeing your badge on your post graduation run blog. Enjoy :-)

  • Thanks Phil :))

  • Cheers - wooo wooo! Pats on back - thump thump. Yes, cheesy at one level, and yes, virtual, but deeper down just as real as someone standing next to you. (And if virtual meetings really weren't meaningful, my daughter wouldn't have her boyfriend of over six years, as they met online. We are real people out here in the ether!)

    A really lovely post. Congratulations, and enjoy your fitness.

  • Thanks Greenlegs, I feel those thumps of congrats!! And good luck with your running too. Tricia xx

  • Woo hoo week done you on your graduation a fantastic achievement . I can recommend doing a Park run if you have one in your area they are great fun and a good way to monitor your progress. Congratulations looking forward to seeing your green badge :-D

  • Yes, I have signed up to parkrun, got the barcode and everything. My local one is only around the corner from where we live in Leamington. Just need to pluck up the courage now! Tricia

  • Go for it they are really good and everyone is very supportive :-)

  • Aha! That is my local one too... I'm only on week 5 at the moment. Maybe see you soon?

  • Brilliant!!! That would be great Greenlegs. Have you walked around the course. I might try it out beforehand. To try those hills out. !! Would be great to have another c25ker to run with. The weeks will fly by and you will be graduating too :))

  • I did one of my runs there last week, but hadn't got the map, so I didn't find the route - when I looked at it on google earth, I realised it has quite a big hill in it - well, bigger than the ones that slow me down here! 5k, even on a fairly flat route, takes me nearly 50 minutes (and even my fastest pace, that I can only keep up for a short while on the flat, would take me about 45 minutes). But I'll keep my eye on times that others run, and will seriously consider it in a few weeks! I did think I might volunteer first, to get the idea of it all.

  • Yes, the hill is quite steep, but mercifully only a short bit of the course. The rest is pretty much downhill....ish! I had a look at the times last night and there was a wide range and lots of first timers. I thought as it is so bright and shiny out today, I might give it a go. Maybe.

  • Well done Tricia, great achievement especially at this time of year. I think the taking part and the people here are what it's all about. I let myself go and am starting again, but I don't mind cos the people here are sooooo great.

    Gongratulations x

  • Good luck Mrs lazy, it's a great thing that you can and are back running. Tricia xx

  • Congratulations and well done!

    Thanks also for the blog post and hope everyone's recovering so they can help you celebrate :-)

  • Thanks Wybrook, just getting back to normal. Might go our for a celebration run tomorrow ;)

  • Personally I like a bit of cheese!

    You have done something really great and made a huge difference to your health . Hope you do keep it up and continue to enjoy your next challenge.

  • Me too! Thanks Norni. Xx

  • Very very well done love!! You're determination to succeed, and the 6am starts has really inspired your daughter and I to follow you. Thanks so much for leading the way!!

    It's been great running with you in the evenings and your pushing me has finally got me in the groove.

    Tricia's hubby!


  • Way to go!~!! :-) Hubby and I did the program together and daughter just joined in as well! Gayle

  • Thanks hunny, really proud of you too. Xx

  • It's great to welcome your hubby to this site too and hear his lovely encouragement! ;) Imagine having 3 graduates in the family, including your daughter; amazing! :)

    S x

  • Now that would be great wouldn't it? I can't wait for that. Might get my boys running too! Tricia x

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Popping the cork in your honor here in the States today! :-) CHEERS!! :-) That badge is going to look gorgeous next to your name Tricia!!!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, and thanks for all your kind words and support. Not just to me but to all in the community. I cheers you back! :)

  • Well done Tish, it's a real delight to read a post like that.

    With regard to the parkrun, it's my intention to run my local one regularly once I complete this, perhaps even before. With that in mind I went along to see what the craic was and I have to say, it was such a friendly and warm atmosphere that I'll have no problem when I do join them. And this from someone who runs alone and so early that I barely see anyone when I'm out.

    I'd suggest going along to your local run, not to run but just to check it out first.

  • Ahhh Fingalo, you've got one on me there! Up until now it would have felt like spying. But yes, good idea. I'll go along and see the lay of the land. Friends of mine regularly take part. Now I at least feel qualified to have a look ;) I can feel a park run coming in my bones though. Tricia x

  • I think we all feel as you do Tish, it's why I thought I'd stick a toe in the water and see how it felt. It reassured me that there's nothing to stop me giving it a go. I may even try it before I graduate.

    Funnily enough, I was going to pop along again this morning but opted for a gait analysis instead. I may go next week.

  • Gosh, not done that either!! Let nothing get in the way of the gait :)

    I might go along to my local park run too, actually maybe start a trend? See how many c25kers can get along to their local run and take a look??

  • I want to join with everyone else, Tish, and cheer and shout "Well Done!!!!". You are great and we all congratulate you!!!

    I started c25k in order to train to do a leg of the Belfast marathon on a relay team this coming May. I cannot believe I am now a runner and love it. Life continually amazes me. Isn't it fun to feel part of this community? My first time as a runner and a blogger!!

  • Thank you Mary, and wow! Well done you for putting yourself forward for the marathon relay. Much respect. I love being party of this community. As Steve says and I sure he won't mind me quoting me, Keep running! :)

  • Sorry auto complete is rubbish!

  • Congratulations, Tricia!! What an amazing accomplishment!! Your blog is an wonderful testament and reminder of the commitment and heart that you put into this program!!

    Maybe there wasn't anyone else there to pat you on the back, but there is really only one pat that you truly needed at that moment...your own!! Pat yourself on the back!!!! It is great that we are all very proud of you, but be proud of yourself!!!! YOU DID IT!!! A healthier life, a fitter body and most of all 30 minutes of running instead of being a couch lump!! AMAZING!!!

    Again, congratulations!!! Now, it is time for you to get that coveted badge!! Wear it proudly my friend, because you have most certainly earned it...GRADUATE!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Aw thank you Steve. Really appreciate you comments. So glad to be part of this wonderful community. Xx

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