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W8R3 - sorrrrrteeeeeeed!


I have been running religiously every other day since starting C25K. But between run 2 and 3 this week I gave myself a 2 day rest. Well a rest from running mainly because I worked my legs a fair bit the day after run 2 with a 14 mile bike ride. I was amazed with my newfound cycling stamina due to my running. Unbelievably pleased with myself and can't wait to get some longer rides under my belt which running can only help with. I have to say it was nice to have an extra day off but I was worried this might be my bubble bursting as I wasn't feeling the magnetism of fitting a run in today. But got home from work, fed Gin & Tonic (the cats), changed into my psychedelic running leggings and I was out again within 20 minutes briskly walking up the road... only way it was going to happen! I've been struggling with plantar fasciitis since before starting the C25K and it was killing me on the walk. Thankfully when I broke into the run it subsided. The run wasn't pain free and I'd be lying if I said I thoroughly enjoyed it but on the cool down I wasn't aching and I actually had enough breath to be singing when running. I've NEVER been able to talk or sing whilst running before and have even struggled just when walking when at my biggest last year. Onto my last week, starting Thursday. Considering an organised park run Saturday morning on my penultimate C25K run eeeeeeeek 🤣

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Wowsers you’re nearly there, I find a couple of days rest between runs helps me, be careful with the plantar fasciitis, you don’t want to be undoing all your hard work, you’re di g a great job 😃

Lissy24Graduate in reply to Walshy3

Thanks Walshy. I'm seeing a physio at the mo so have stretches I'm (supposed) to be doing and for now I can keep going apparently, which I'm grateful about. Im worried my motivation will disappear if I'm told I've got to give it a rest. But all good for now... must remember to do the Achilles stretches 😲


Slow, steady and a huge well done... on you go:)


Sounds like great post grad progress to me. Sometimes hard to fit it in without a schedule... but you got out there and did it. Well done.

As long as you stay on here you won’t lose motivation, keep the stretching up and follow Physio advice, stay tuned here, sending you a virtual high five ✋


Well done, and you're going at a good old pace there, you'd leave me behind for sure x


Well done. I find once I am in my gear I am concentrated on running. Until then I can be thinking maybe I won’t run today. Keep running, it is the only addiction I look forward to. X


Brilliant Lissy! I suffer from plantar fasciitis too,It's actually had a big effect on me starting the C25K. I loved walking my dog,could do 15 to 20 miles a day,but after developing plantar fasciitis my feet were killing me after about 6 or 7 miles(roughly 2 hours). I knew I needed to keep up some sort of fitness,so the 30 minutes of this appealed to me. A few weeks after I started,I bought a pair of gel heel insoles,what a difference! My feet are virtually pain free,I could walk for miles,but the C25K has got me hooked!

Lissy24Graduate in reply to Dannybhoy625

Gel heels - that's good to know - I have been wearing plantar insoles for weeks now but its not as though I have a low arch. I might look into the gel heels - ta very much :-)

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