Are there any C25K runs graduates still go back to occasionally?

Happy New Year everyone! I've been quite inactive on the forum over Christmas but have had a lovely holiday, I hope everyone else has too, just kept my eye on the daily digest :) It sounds like many of you have been running on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day... good on you! Well, I haven't, whatsoever... anyone else lazy like me?! I also haven't been keeping up with stretches that the physio gave me. BAD Sarah.

But planning a run tomorrow. I think I'm just got myself too preoccupied with speed, distance, PBs, getting injured, weather, that it's starting to feel like a worry/chore... I just need to run, slowly, gently, for however long I can.

Does anyone have runs from the C25K plan they go back to when they're feeling nostalgic? Perhaps with a walking interval in the middle? I'm pondering it tomorrow, Week 6 Run 1 (brisk 5-minute warm-up walk, then 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 8 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running) or Week 6 Run 2 (brisk 5-minute warm-up walk, then 10 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 10 minutes running) might be good ones to revisit.

Happy running :)


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28 Replies

  • Happy new year to you too! Over the last week or so I have gone back to run/walk as instructed by my physio.not really used the runs as such but have run 5 mins then walked 5 mins for 20 mins.then this week have increased it to running 7m/walk 3m then repeated it. Been just gently tottering along due to recovering from yet another injury but hoping these rehab runs will get me going again soon.

  • Sounds great, thanks for the reply :)

  • i love this idea, will be perfect if you have had a break from running for an injury or other reason. Go for it and let us know how you got on. Happy new Year.

  • Thanks! Happy New Year!

  • Sarah, I was a tad busy at Christmas so did'nt run,and of course overdid the eats.

    Did a Parkwalk with my wife on Tuesday..then, I ran yesterday NYE, which felt good, and was going to do a NYD Parkrun but have got some sort of eye infection which has been painful, bloodshot, and headachey, so thought best not to run with a cold wind in the eye, am hoping to get out on Sunday morning for a club run. So, your not the only one slacking lol, but you'll be getting back into it soon, I'm sure.. HNY..

  • Oh dear, I hope your eye gets well soon Dave! Sorry to hear that. Doesn't sound like you are slacking much to me :) Hope you are able to get back to it soon.

  • I use w5r3 as my comeback run if I've had to take a break for sickness pr whatever.

  • I did a couple of come back when I did not run for a few days/weeks. I will do it again soon. I have indulged with food in the last couple of weeks with very little running, and now caught a bit of a bug so as soon as I am back on my feet I will play with W5R1, then move on to R3 then W9R3 then on to C25K+. I find that I need structure and Laura is just perfect.

  • Good luck with getting back into it :)

  • Hi there,

    Sometimes if I feel a bit under the weather or tired I will do one of the Laura runs.

    I find they give me a bit of a boost and help me get into a good frame of mind.

    Its nice to know they are always there to fall back on.

    Happy new year :)

  • Happy New Year! If it stops raining I may get out today, still feeling unmotivated right now! I've got end-of-holiday blues i think, back to work on Monday :(

  • I haven't done much running recently. I went out for a walk yesterday. Walking trainers and a big coat and decided to do run/walk. Not dressed for running but loved it and just kept myself below the overheating level. Who says it has to be structured and serious all the time.

  • Thanks for the reply! I think you are right and that's what I am realising - getting a bit of exercise is the main thing, however it comes about!

  • I redid the whole programme after a serious injury and enjoyed it far more the second time around. I love the structure Laura provides, and I found I was stronger and faster the second time. Now I use w1 as intervals training; running as fast as I can in the 'run' bits and jogging in the 'walk' bits. It's tiring but good fun. I also sometimes rerun w9 if I'm tired because I find the second to last song so energising. Good luck :)

  • Is that the song with the trumpets? I love that one!

  • Yes, that's the one. Sometimes, if I'm struggling at the end of a run I replay it in my imagination to get me through. Laura certainly saved the best music until the end!

  • This is interesting AM, I will give it a go sometime

  • I've not run since 29/11. I was running 2/3 times a week, 5k's, a few 10's and intervals, so it was going well! I really want to get back to it but stupidly I'm feeling nervous. No idea why. I plan to run to a graduation podcast, possibly stamina or stepping stone. This means the run will start off quite easy then build up, but also I won't have to think about pace because I'm following the beat of the music. I'm annoyed with myself for not running for the last month but what's done is done. I feel like I did when I first set off on my C25K journey! Nervous and full of self doubt. I keep telling myself that's ridiculous and I'll be fine... But easier said than done.

  • I have run very sporadically since November too. Don't be too hard on yourself; I am finding it very hard to be motivated with all of this darkness and rain! The stamina takes longer to disappear than you might think though so I think you will surprise yourself :) Just remind yourself that you felt like that at the start of your journey, but you must have overcome it then and you can again now! X

  • well, i've dragged my backside out this morning after my reply to your post! I did the stamina podcast and I have to say i was nowhere near as poor as it thought i'd be. The worst part was actually getting out of the door! 3.14 miles in 35 mins 02 secs. Not a great time or distance, but I don't care! I'm back out there! I'm sure my legs will feel it a little tomorrow, but for today...i'm chuffed. For anyone else out there feeling like i was....the hardest part is strapping your trainers on! You'll feel loads better after...promise x

  • Sarah week six is one if my favs. too, but every time I go out to run I always do the full 30 mins just because im able to do it...

    I have only been managing twice a week lately and only once a week over Christmas as we have guests but the stamina is still there.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. I might do the same sometimes.

  • Thanks Jan, I reckon I could do 30 mins too still but I'd find it quite a struggle and I think I want to be gentler to myself right now. Have been teetering on the edge of injury for a while now I feel.

    I can't motivate myself to run today as it is STILL raining! Bring back the sunshine is all I can say!

  • I know. I dont mind getting caught in the rain or light drizzle but have never stepped out of the door into this full on stuff... looking forwards to spring so much...x

  • Like you, I've been very lazy over Christmas, at least as far as running's concerned but this morning I got back to it in my new running top! I did week 1, running fastish (for me) on the runs and very slowly jogging the walks and cool down. 25 minutes of running but very manageable. Just get out and do something is my advice. Happy new year to you.

  • Thank you! I did get out there in the end, I had Week 6 Run 2 podcast on but I ended up not following it, just ran slowly for 30 minutes and did 4K. Feeling it a bit now but glad I made it out today, it needed to be done. I am interested in doing the jog/run version of the programme that you mentioned, I remember you speaking of that before. Let me know if you go further with it.

  • RealFoodieClub our administrator runs Quests on a six week cycle and you set your own goals. Many of us find these tremendously helpful.

    I keep toying with the idea of making one Quest goal a re-run of the programme (without needing to repeat any podcasts)

    There's a lot in that idea of starting back by just running when you have the opportunity and a flicker of enthusiasm rather than burdening yourself with waiting until you have enough oomph for the whole business of getting your togs on and any other fussing you tend to engage in. Possibly not when you are wearing high heels though!

  • I started back after graduating, with a walk/run, walk/run strategy, and found it especially helpful after a neck and shoulder blip! ( Waiting for Santa to bring me a new Lumia, too, so I could download the Stepping Stone podcast!).. I found it worked well and now have started the Couch to 5K plus... seems to be working. I missed Laura and was glad to get her reassuring voice back in my ear! Maybe just do what feels right for you :)

  • I like the sound of that, or at least the idea of running intervals. I have been suffering with heel problems for a year, and have finally spurred myself back into action. Now running 5K, 2 or 3 times a week. I am cautious though about upping the distance too quickly. Maybe some C25K sessions once a week will be a good idea. Thanks

    Happy New Year

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