No running today - Parkrun killed me!

Decided to take 2 rest days this week before starting on B210K tomorrow... the old legs were a bit sore from Saturday's run and walking all over Legoland yesterday! Must have pushed myself a little bit too hard at the end... like you do.... I figured it was better to take another rest day before the 40 minute run (with a few 60s breaks) rather than do myself a mischief...

One thing C25K has taught me is that rest days are good things and that having an extra one won't kill you - not having one could injure you...

Looking forward to kicking up the training a notch tomorrow though! Bring it on...

See you out there C25Kers... :)


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14 Replies

  • Good luck with B210K; let us know how it goes. :-) I intend starting that myself next week, so it'll be interesting to hear your experiences. And definitely a good idea to take an extra day of rest if you feel you need it!

  • I always find the park runs seem to push you alot more. I have rest days regularly after park runs. It's nice when you can kick it up a notch. :-)

  • I remember it well....... the day after overcooking it at my first Parkrun, hobbling around an eight mile walk and then having to have a rest week. We live and learn. Good luck with the B210k.

  • Good luck with B210K I have 1 run left of week 1 which will be done tomorrow. I'm quite enjoying it, I am however getting rid of the music and have programmed the runs into my new shinny toy ( garmin ) and will continue to proceed with my good old hard rock/heavy metal music.

  • I have the 'Running to Rock' Spotify playlist ready and will just plug the intervals into MapMyRun... I listened to a sample of the included tunes and decided it was 'not quite my cup of Jack Daniels'... ;)

  • yep did the 1st 2 runs as I was waiting for the Garmin to arrive but running to Britney is just horrible it's more like running away from her :)

  • Ewww... Each to their own but when that came on I might end up running INTO the Thames ... ;)

    Which Garmin did u get? I might need a new gadget soon... ;)

  • I bought the forerunner 310XT HRM I'm in France and we have a web site called Groupon where you can get quite good deals on stuff sometimes. Paid 169 Euros instead of 249.

  • Will check it out! The main reason I want a Garmin now is that the MapMyRun app on the phone proved itself inaccurate by around 400 meters (ie. Almost 10%) recently and my pace and 5k runs have been "way out"... I want a more reliable measuring system as I build,to,10k.. Can't afford to be 1km,out! ;)

  • Hmm - I am not sure that you will be able to get the kind of accuracy that you are seeking from any device. The only way you will get that is to run a measured course (as in Parkrun)

    I use Runkeeper on an Android phone and I get what appears to be reasonable accuracy from it -- but the very nature of how a computer calculates distance between two GPS points is inherently inaccurate. Personally I am not sure that the level of accuracy you are seeking is necessary for running training. Yesterday I ran an (approx) 10Ks - I used Google Maps to tell me the distance between my home and another point and ran it. When I got there my phone told me that I had run 9.9KLm -- as a training exercise this is really all that I need and was accurate enough for me to achieve my training goal (of finishing 10Ks under a certain time) . If/when I run a 10K race then the course will be a measured one and my training up to that time will eventually give a completely correct result.

  • I hear you Bazza - I know that GPS is inherently inaccurate... and you're absolutely right. Running the same course with the same GPS 10 times in a row will yield 10 different results...

    Actual results are what Parkruns and timed races are all about I guess...

    Still - a new gadget would be nice... :)

  • Rest days are good, I often take 2 when I need them. I learned my lesson the hard way, running with sore knees is SO last year, make sure you're fit and ready and you'll run better anyway. Good luck with B210K, sounds like there's no stopping you on this running lark now!

  • No stopping me if I rest when I need to... :)

    You'll also find that with 2 (or even 3) rest days your run day is so,much sweeter! Have fun!

  • Also taking rest days from running too. Slight chest infection and out of breath on runs = cool the beans for the moment. Still I walked my 9.5km run route instead.

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