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Week 9!


Ok. So I'm about to start week 9. Can't quite believe I'm here. Are there rules? Do I have to complete the 3 runs by the end of the week or within a 7 day time frame? My journey so far has not been straightforward, in that some weeks I have done 4 runs and other weeks just 1 or 2.. (and a whole load of hot weeks in the middle without running at all.. but we got over that!)

Funny that the further on we go the less daunting the progression is.. I mean it should be obvious but I know I can do this.. whereas I couldnt imagine running for more than 60secs just a little while ago!

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Just complete 3 X 30 minute runs and graduation is yours.

Eeeeep.. and squueeeeeeee


As IannodaTruffe says...just do three thirty minute runs and you have done it :)

Just make sure you leave at least one rest day in between...more, if life demands it:)

No worries... The podium awaits!

RhianCos in reply to Oldfloss

So excited.. and I learned that due to my enthusiasm, I have 2 colleagues on week 3... And due to their enthusiasm... 2 more colleagues on week 2! How awesome is that?

ForeverYoung21Graduate in reply to RhianCos

Very awesome!! Well done you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

OldflossAdministrator in reply to RhianCos


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