Week 9, Cloud 9

I just had to post, because Mr Beth is probably getting sick of my excitable ramblings about running!!

Today, I had a breakthrough. This morning I went for R2 of W9 (eek- one left!) and braced myself for a struggle. I'm very definitely still at the stage where long runs are a long hard slog, and in a lot of them over the past few weeks I've had to walk for 10 seconds or so, before my legs exploded.

But today was different. Today, was a dream. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the lake looked beautiful, and I was on form!! It was around 15 seconds a mile faster than my previous PB, and I'm still not exactly setting land speed records. But that doesn't matter, because it felt SO GOOD. For the first time (ever, I think) it felt like I was moving, under my own steam, as opposed to dragging my sorry ar*se along. My legs felt powerful, I felt faster, and my new Garmin telling me I WAS faster was motivation to make sure I smashed that PB.

I hope all running is like this. Always. I hope that was the start of a turning point- I think I'm finally starting to understand what you graduates say when you claim to actually enjoy the process of a run, not just the results.

Week 9, Cloud 9- Roll on graduation!!!


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12 Replies

  • I get that too - the 'other half sick of rambling about running etc etc..'... :-)

    My wife thinks the real me is tied up in the garage and there's some imposter in the house who's interested in going for runs and watches what he eats etc... *rolls eyes*

    Glad you're really enjoying getting out there!

  • Today I got a book in the post "Running Well: run smarter, run faster; avoid injury and enjoy it more" - one to read whilst nursing myself back to being able to run. I'm also off to Argos later to get an 'Ab Roller' to allow me to strengthen my core a bit to try to get less injuries.

  • Haha my OH doesn't believe I'm not an imposter, either!! That book sounds interesting- hope it throws up some good tips! Good luck with the core training too; I really need to start doing some work like that on my rest days. At the moment I do a bit of yoga, which I guess is almost core strength, but now I've almost mastered the basics of this running lark, I should try and diversify a little!

  • Well done .. keep up the good work!!

  • Well done. 1 more left and than you get your new shiny badge.

  • I'm SO excited for the badge, it's actually a little bit silly... Have insisted Mr Beth buys me a chocolate medal for Friday...

  • No, no, no choc medal! You wanna piece of fabbo new running gear. A new top I reckon as it's getting warm out (oh you know that already!) LOL

    Well done Beth, you're on a roll and fingers crossed that you'll romp home. Take care now, no false moves! You need to be in one piece for the final run.

    I do a lot of walking which counts as cross training (well, in my eyes it does) and I have bought some Jillian Michaels DVD's (one is yoga) and they are fab. Bit tiring though

  • Sounds like you had a really great run today so I hope it bodes well for your graduation run. If the final run is as good...! Good luck with the final run - enjoy this, your graduation week. Best wishes.

  • Wow! sounds like you had an amazing run - its looking good for graduation :)

  • Sounds amazing! Well done and long may it last

  • There's a few of us on here doing Jillian Michaels (when we can fit it all in!) I had not done any exercise when I came to these so yoga and all this stuff was breaking new ground for me, but I'm doing it. Not all of it but I'm giving it my best. You have to do the modified versions if the full thing is just too much to start with, eg planks. There are one or two I've not cracked yet and I'm only on the level One. I don't mind that though as it's still a good work out. For one set of exercises you need a set of small dumb-bells or filled water bottles. My son had some in the shed, which was handy! I bought two DVD's - on is yoga meltdown and the other one is a compilation of four programmes, eg 30 day shred, No more Trouble Zones, Banish Fat Boost metabolism and six week pack

    not done them all by any means, but there is plenty there for anybody. I've not done any of the advanced sections yet, and I'd advise caution.

  • What a great and optimistic uplifting post!!! So glad you had a great run, I'm right there with you...one more and that's graduation!!! Good luck! x

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