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Had enough of being fat and size 18/20 time to lose it and get back to size 10.

Hi just joined,

I’ve been walking for about a month now my sons in the RAF and has been helping me but only on a weekend. He told me about this site so here I am. My son gets married this december so last December i bought a dress size 16 and starting eating right (at the time I was size 18/20) anyway this February I got in to it but if felt tight on my belly and back so just by eating good and not lots of chocolate like I used to I got into it, still have a little chocolate from time to time cos I think if you stop eating the thing you love all together then you want it more. Last week I tryed it on again and it fits me a little better but I want to feel better in it after I have eaten the wedding breakfast so got more to lose. Plus hope it get to a size 10. Well been walking for long enough now time to start working up to running.

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I was just out of relationship that had made me miserable fat menapausal and unhappy when I started. I've just graduated after never running in my life. I've also lost weigh and toned up by calorie counting. It's the hardest part to start. Go slow as you can and get thru the first couple of weeks! You can do this believe me! Please keep us posted on how your getting on and good luck with the dress! You've got this! 👍

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Thanks very much ❤️

Good on you!! Good luck with your first run 😊

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Brilliant! Welcome aboard - you won’t regret it. 😀

We’re a friendly bunch of runners (most of whom never thought they’d ever say that!), and we’re happy to offer advice or just chat. We’ll love hearing how you’re getting on and don’t be afraid to ask us anything!

Most of all, stay slow and steady and have a ton of fun! 👏👏👏

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Thanks yer I’ve been going slow but it’s time to take the next step will keep you updated x

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Good luck! 😀

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Good for u!! U have taken the first step already. Good luck!

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Thanks and good luck to you x

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your wise decision.

C25K works and changes lives.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Good luck on your journey Gail

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Hi Amdoingit good on you for starting c25k 👍👐

To help with the running and also the dress I suggest doing some strength and flex exercise on the rest days. Pilates would be my first choice as it concentrates on improving core strength and not a sit up in sight! Also yoga or the strength and flex program that runs along side c25k.

Best of luck. Happy running x

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