hamstring pain

hello everyone, im having second thoughts about running tommorow because of the pain ive been feeling in the back of my thigh, it started after finishing week 5 and was present during week 6, when i run pain feels more like discomfort, its not unmanaging pain and i can still run but as im about to run for 25min im afraid if im going to do more damage and maybe i should rest until i feel like my leg is fully healed, im resting for 3 days now i dont know if im just impatient :(


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  • Hi there. Have you got a foam roller? If not get one. They are great for those sorts of niggles. Mine was only a tenner online and it's been fabulous helping me iron out niggles and strains.

  • thanks I'll buy one asap :)

  • If you run, then after a while they may start to feel OK again. When you stop though the discomfort will be back. I think this is because running just tightens the muscles up to where they were when you last ran. There 'relaxed' state now is tight, and therefore uncomfortable. (Weird that isn't it. Bet you never thought running would be more comfortable than not!).

    Dan is right, foam roller is a great tool for working on these tight spots. Do remember though to do your warm up walk, and stretch as part of your cool down walk. Take it easy with the stretching, don't over do it.

  • haha, yeah it is pretty weird that it is easier for me to run then walk, never thought that might happen, thank you for your advice, i was doing warm up and cool down and stretching, i'm just worried that i might did some serious damage, maybe i just have bad luck, but at least one of my legs is still in function :P

  • I had the same problem, and went to see a sport injury therapist - to my surprise she told me I have torn a muscle a while back (even a year or so ago!), and that mt left foot was somewhat flatter than the right - I can't recall of any injury. I have also been told to get new shoes - gait analysis and all the works - They seem to make a big difference

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