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W1r3 to repeat or not to repeat?

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Ok so today I actually completed all 8 min running Woop! My first run I had to walk through 3 of the runs, the second I ran for 4 then ran for part of the later runs. Today I completed but wanted to sit in a shopping aisle of Sainsbury’s and cry, honestly the need to weep was unreal. So I guess I have a second question does anyone get emotional after running? And do I repeat the runs until I have completed 8 mins 3 times?

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Yeah, all the time... it’s an emotional journey. Great job today. Personally I wouldn’t advance from a run until I’d fully completed it... not sure what to recommend, you may be ready for week 2.

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jiggles7Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Glad I’m not the only weeper. I think repeating twice is the way forward then look at week 2.

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Yes repeat it til you’ve completed the whole week. And yes, I cried last week when I got my first sub 30 5k 😂

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jiggles7Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Congratulations on your your 5k! That’s seriously impressive stuff. Must have been years of joy😀 I think repeating is the best course of action too, week 2 is intimidating at present.

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to jiggles7

No you’ll be fine. Do your 3 lots of 8x1 minutes and then that’s enough preparation for week 2. Trust the program 👌🏽

Well done! The way I've approached it is to repeat weeks and only move on after I've managed to complete all 3 runs. I'm now on week 6 and can tell you it gets easier as you get further in. I don't care how long it takes me to get to the end as long as I get there. I'd say do week 1 again and then you'll find the step up to week 2 manageable. Good luck ☺

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jiggles7Graduate in reply to JustKateGreen

Sound logic, thank you 😀

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