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W5 - to repeat or not to repeat...

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I’ve done all 3 runs for week 5 but feel as though i’m not really fit enough to go on to wk 6 yet.

Even with the gorgeous Rolo pulling me up the hills a bit (sprocket spaniel on a waist lead) I struggled with both the 8 and 20 minute runs.

And i’m soooooo slow - my fault as been messing about a bit last few weeks so time for me and the Rolster to repeat wk 5 and Get Serious now!

In my favour I did 2 hours of toning exercises this morning - just hope my legs work in the morning - hey ho...

Will keep you posted as go through the week (again) to motivate us both.

Good luck everyone - jx

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Good luck! 😀👍 There's no rush with this thing at all.

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Congratulations on getting to this stage..you are awesome!! Can I just ask how do you know you're soooo slow?? Soooo slow compared to whom?? If you can run for the required time and not collapse in a sweaty pile before the end then you are on track!!!

You get out there and give week 6 a bash, try and avoid hills..it's just those self doubt gremlins chuntering in your ear. I did it and believe me I'm gobsmacked I completed w1r1!!! 👍👍👍👍

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I would suggest moving on if you completed all 3 runs, but watch out for week 6 run 1, just carry on as you are, slooow 😊

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If you've done week 5 you are ready for week 6. It doesn't matter how slow you are - it's not a race! Just trust the programme and you'll be fine ☺

This post was written primarily for those who are having doubts about their own abilities healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and while there is nothing wrong with repeating a run or week for confidence, developing a self belief and willingness to face a challenge is, in my book, a crucial part of becoming a runner............that way you don't get downhearted by the hill that suddenly appears in front of you on a new route, but relish the test.

I would say move on, but with caution.......... W6R1 is tricky and catches many out...........but if you stay arcade steady pace, you can do it.

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Slow and steady.. it is fine.. and it works!

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